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Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!…Did we say thank you??


Good morning friends!!!

We just wanted to give you a little update as to what’s going on over here at Pink Pearls Blog and what’s to come. First, we want to thank everyone that has volunteered submissions to us.  You are amazing, and we are so excited to show your beautiful work!  We also want to thank those of you that we sought out.  So many amazing photographers have welcomed us with open arms.  We have booked close to a month’s worth of material already!  It’s such a wonderful feeling, and we are so thankful for you.  You are all making our dream become a reality, and we will never forget ANY of you for that.

Also, we want to keep all of you “in the know” until May.  So starting next week, MiMi and I have decided to give you a weekly “Hump-day Update”.  It will just be a little post every Wednesday (hence the name), that will let you know a little about our progress.  It’s important to us that our readers are a part of what’s going on even behind the scenes.  We hope you will follow along with us in this adventure…See ya next Wednesday!



Chrissy and MiMi



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