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Hump-Day Update- The Last One!!!


Photo Credit: Blackbean Photography

Hey pearlies!

Well today is a bittersweet day!  We are strutting our stuff to the finish line of Hump-Day Updates and the starting line of a full fledged wedding blog!  Alas, this is the last Hump-Day Update here on PPB.  I can’t believe in just 2 more days, our real journey begins!  We are so excited!!!  Although, we are saying goodbye to these “fill you in” posts, we will soon have BEAUTIFUL inspiration posts for you EVERY DAY!

I want to follow suit with our last few posts and keep it short and sweet, but I also want to take just a moment to say thank you again to all of our talented submitters.  Whether you are a wedding photographer or vendor we are so grateful for all of you!  We are wowed by your talents, and we have enjoyed working with you all so much!

We also want to extend our thanks to the few locals who have extended your helping hands and made this thing called Pink Pearls Blog possible.  Whether it has been getting the word out and winning us Facebook “likes” or designing our super cool logo, we needed you and you delivered.  We are so thankful, blessed, and any other words you can think of to describe our gratitude…

So again…to all of you, we APPRECIATE you…from the bottom of our hearts…


Photo Credit: Blackbean Photography


Chrissy amd MiMi

P.S.~ See you all Friday!

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