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Meet the Creators! Hello It’s Us…

Hello Pearlies!

We have finally arrived!  Our May 1st launch date is here.  Whoo Hoo!  We have been talking about our super secret launch day surprise for some time now. So… SURPRISE! Its’ us.  Who is us?  Well let us tell you all about it.


Most of you have no idea who we are.  But for some in the Midwest wedding industry we have a pretty close working relationship.  You may know MiMi as Michelle Nikitaras, Wedding Planner and Designer for AKM Events.  You may also know Chrissy as Christina Mays, Indie Fashion Designer for 27 Dresses Designs and Boho Barbie! We kept this a secret for quite some time and well, IT’S BEEN AGONY! We are so ready to scream it from the mountain tops.

We started this venture wanting to see just how far we can  get on our own accord.  We wanted to find out if this was going to actually be “a thing” before we could share with even our closest family and friends.  It has been an awesome success so far!  Pink Pearls Blog has received stunning wedding submissions from far away lands, beauty in unexpected places, and unique wedding fun to share with all of you.  Now we know there is definitely a need for this sort of wedding blog in the Midwest and we look forward to sharing wedding inspiration from all over the globe!  WE thank all of our new friends with our whole hearts for sharing their amazing talents with us.  Now we can inspire brides and other wedding professionals everywhere.

To all of our peeps, our family and our wedding world acquaintances…Hi! 🙂  Please “like”, “follow”, and “share” as much as you can.  We will love you forever!  And, you will help us make our dream into a reality!  Thank you  in advance for your support, Cheers!



For all of you that have absolutely no idea who we are, we are so happy to “meet” you and look forward to many more beautiful new relationships.  Please let us tell you a little bit about ourselves…


…And just how we became partners in crime.


Michelle Nikitaras….

Hi Everyone!  Christina and I are so happy and proud to introduce our new blog to you.  I am Michelle Nikitaras, a wedding fanatic who’s been planning weddings for over 10 years.  Yikes, did I just age myself? Well, it is definitely a passion of mine!  It started out as a hobby for me years ago and I have been hooked ever since.  I can’t wait to share some of the styled shoots Christina and I have worked on together as well as gorgeous shoots  and real weddings from our awesome submitters.  Although I am busy planning weddings I have a few more loves that keep me even busier!  My three beautiful children.  My oldest boy is my brain, my middle child is my rebel, and my youngest is my sweet princess G!  I do much of my wedding planning in the early morning and emails in the wee hours of the night so I can spend as much time as possible with my three babes!  During wedding season, I am wedding planner extraordinaire (at least I’d like to think so) by day and soccer and track mom by night! I know, it sounds so GLAMOROUS, right?!  Trust me… it’s not.  🙂  I have an awesome and supportive hubby whose hobbies include chasing me for my business receipts since he’s also my accountant, LOL, and fantasy football.  Yes ladies,  I am a fantasy football widow during the very LONG football season.  Thank goodness he’s not into baseball anymore!   He is an awesome father and takes great care of our fantastically chaotic and active family.  Our life is very busy and frantic at times but I wouldn’t change a second of it.


Christina Mays…

Well as Michelle said, I currently design under 2 business names.  27 Dresses Designs and The Boho Barbie.  27 Dresses is my bridal line and The Boho Barbie is more of an everyday wear accessory line.  I LOVE DESIGNING!  When I started, I realized right away that my designs were a little off beat and respected the fact they weren’t for everyone.  I would pimp myself out at the bridal shows and some people would approach me with such excitement about the niche I was filling.  Then others would make comments like “Ugh, that’s so Victorian looking.”  and “No mom!  That’s definitely not my style!”  lol!   To make up for the feeling that I was leaving half of the bridal population out, I started offering custom work on top of putting out yearly collections of my own.  It’s been a wild ride, but I’ve really really enjoyed it.

In other news, I’m a mom to 2 close to perfect boys.  One usually has colored hair and the other has long hair and gets mistaken daily as a girl no matter how much blue I have on him.  What can I say?  He’s very pretty.  I have a truly wonderful husband who has been super supportive with this blog and my crazy business starting ideas.  For a short while he sold cars, and as fate would have it he sold one VERY special car during that time.  That car was a good ole Chevy Traverse that was purchased by a Mr. and Mrs. George and Michelle Nikitaras.  He came home that night INSISTING that I “do lunch” with Michelle because she was in the bridal business and “I would like her” and “She had a great website and cool business cards.”… I never called.


I did however go to my first bridal show a couple months later and guess who’s booth was 2 down from mine?  Yep!  AKM Events.  I happily walked over to introduce myself and was greeted warmly with a smile and hug.  2 weeks later we met for lunch and from then on we were pretty much attached at the hip.  She’s the best bestie ever, and our lives have been forever changed (in an awesome way) since the start of our friendship.  Lucky us!  🙂


Thank you all so much for reading our blog.  We hope you enjoy the wedding shenanigans we have in store for you.  Please feel free to reach out to us, submit your own work, or even drop us a line to share some of the things you would like to see and read about!  Thanks again.

We are forever yours,



Chrissy and MiMi

Credits: Photography and shenanigans: Joe Gonzalez ~Blackbean Photography/ Awesome Logo Design: Joe Gonzalez ~ Miracle 21/ Styling and expert high heel strutter: Michelle Nikitaras ~ Akm Events/ Headpiece, Skirts, and dollar store bubble supplier: Christina Mays ~ 27 Dresses Designs



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