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Pink Pearls Praise – Robert Lewis Menswear


Hey Pearlies!

Today is a Pink Pearls Praise Day! What does that mean exactly? Well, a few times a month we will be blogging about some of our wedding vendor peeps that think outside the box!  This can include wedding professionals we think have a unique style, cool bridal party gifts or amazing wedding day accessories that we think are a “must see” for our readers.

Today we will be giving this unique men’s clothier some props.  These Urban Chic designs are seriously cool and give men options beyond what they would find in an average men’s shop.  The designer’s color combos are anything but ordinary and his playful style is exceptional.  Distinct patterns and textures are simply outstanding and will leave you wanting more!  They give men a new, hip choice for formal wear or for every day business casual wear.

The designs are split into two collections, The Uptown Collection is sophisticated and creates the complete look.  The Downtown Collection is designed for a more casual look.  New York designer Robert Taliver teamed up with Atlanta based fashion house, Don Jonathan to conceive this creative genius they call Robert Lewis Menswear.  They describe themselves as The “City That Never Sleeps” meets “The Empire of the South” to give Robert Lewis urban appeal and southern charm. We are huge fans and we hope you enjoy!

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Check Robert Lewis Menswear out on Facebook for more awesome stylized color combinations.


Chrissy & MiMi



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