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Pink Pearls Praise: Edible Confetti

Good morning Pearlies.  Today is another Pink Pearls Praise Day.  In case you missed it last week, this is when we give props to the super cool, very talented and unique wedding vendors out there doing their thing! Pink Pearls Blog has something out of this world in store for you this week.


Edible Confetti… WHAT!?! When we first saw Tammy Holmes’ edible confetti we were already totally on board.  We’ve said it before,  “don’t care who you are, confetti is fun!”  And edible to boot?  Well, we are all about that!  But then we started reading more about her company and realized she makes custom goodies as well.

Tammy’s artistry is almost poetic and her attention to detail is astounding!  She also uses only premium organic ingredients.  Even better! Check out some of her creations below.  To see more edible creations or to place your own wedding, shower or other special event order check out her Facebook page.  You can also purchase edible confetti on her Etsy page to make your own edible creations.

10470631_531785310289459_3509392449046747442_n 10593229_536073196527337_7942138293085254287_n 10615514_531010643700259_5706135802315734911_n 10603674_539238809544109_7924800992441726308_n 10686627_665996836868305_5839546128414688136_n 11024207_668023213332334_5370855057391828688_n 10930099_638577112943611_3027333713305096659_n 10959776_650271188440870_7109709885973304765_n 10805843_610331059101550_4880671784267843119_n 10991190_660716414063014_1137207444398976391_n 10311827_648503475284308_2281624072243561479_n 1610830_593353530799303_2727368499904989843_n 10644953_588463991288257_6887476489819018305_n 11016080_664084270392895_5813906896939453183_n 10906280_632587916875864_5954617348262293963_n 10933711_642151095919546_4420867954137820321_n 1450196_602969769837679_8743956089661748252_n 10363372_593827797418543_8801780466614399364_n 10565027_595914100543246_6712783334752785224_n 10424334_593827887418534_2525063025535585858_n 10301179_592179880916668_698912149481505800_n 10712867_575869942547662_3921254574818244401_n 1508143_615728991895090_1333805378761229503_n


Chrissy & MiMi


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