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Pearls of Wisdom ~ DIY Eco Friendly Plantable Bouquet

Ok guys…We have something really cool for you today!  So this is our first “Pearls of Wisdom” post.  Pearls of Wisdom is something MiMi and I came up with to describe our DIY or Q and A posts.  Really any post that we feel gives you educational information will be in this category.  We will do these on random Wednesdays as we see fit.  Think “Wisdom Wednesdays.”

This post is actually one that is near and dear to me as I came up with the concept myself.  I am a natural girl, and I believe that even one person can make a difference in the future of our earth and the environment.  I feel that every little bit of recycling, planting, and reusing helps in a big way.  With that said , I wanted to contribute something super eco-friendly and just plain old pretty to PPB, and I think that was accomplished in this awesome DIY.

I enlisted 2 people to help me.  The first was one of my favorite photographers Mel Klemz.  I wanted a sharp, well edited look for the tutorial and I knew she would be the one to ask.  She’s awesome and I’m not just saying that because she happens to be one of the sweetest, nicest friends I have.  🙂  The other was the maker of the plantable blooms.  My friend Tyna Bianco-Jessen from Paper Dandelions.  I have used her papers for some projects before and I love them! They are so easy to work with and she does custom work.  She’s super creative and I love her philosophy on taking people’s “weeds” and “garbage” and making something useful from it.

So with all that said…let’s get started!



*Batting (A thicker cut to act as your bouquet base, and a thinner strip for wrapping dowel rods)

*Dowel Rods (20-ish)

*Stretch Lace (6-8 inches wide)

*Fabric or Chiffon (A matching color to the “flowers” to cover batting)

*Pearl ended straight pins

*Plantable paper flower blooms (Mine were 3 inches)

*Rubber band (Cut)


*Crafters Pick craft glue (Not pictured)

First you will wrap the end of the doll rods with your batting…


Wrap and tie off the rubber band underneath the batting.  You may want to use a couple of rubber bands to make sure the dowel rods are secure and won’t slide out.  Then cut off excess fabric.


Next wrap the batting strip around the exposed dowel rods to create a padding that will later be a place to insert the straight pins.


Wrap the lace around the batting to make a pretty finish.


Push the straight pins through the batting making sure you angle them so they don’t poke through the other side and prick your fingers.  Ouch!  (Look for pins with a shorter needle to help with this too.)


Then You will take your blooms and fold them as shown (see 11 and 12).   From there you will take a straight pin and push it through the top of the flower.  Then flip and glue where the pin comes through (see 13).  Your Crafter’s Pick “The Ultimate” glue is water based and environmentally friendly.  I suggest you glue and pin in half of the blooms and lay it down to dry before doing the other half.  The glue needs drying time before the blooms will be secure.


And that’s it!  You pick it up and strut your artsy self down the aisle.  Or stand in front of your living room window feeling pretty like I did.  Either way is awesome!!!

IMG_4417 - editIMG_4413 - edit

After your big day, you can take everything apart, wash your fabric, plant your blooms and grow real wild flowers to remember and reflect on your wedding day forever.  Then you can reuse all of the materials you used on your next DIY project.  How awesome is that?

Here’s a photo that Tyna took of her flowers when they grew from her paper…Pretty cool right!

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial.  Have a wonderful day!!!



Chrissy and MiMi

Vendors: Concept and Design – Christina Mays/ Photography: Mel Klemz Photography/ Plantable Paper Blooms – Paper Dandelions


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