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Pink Pearls Praises Finch and Hare (Plus GIVEAWAY!)


Good morning pearlies!  Today is going to be an awesome day!  Not only are we going to introduce you to Finch and Hare…an awesome card making wedding vendor, but Heather Abbott (Finch and Hare creator), is offering an exclusive giveaway to all of our PPB readers today!  Heather creates the coolest and most HILARIOUS “Will you be my bridesmaid” cards and beyond, and we are really excited to show you her stuff!  You will get 5 cards of your choice as the prize for this giveaway,  Please follow the instructions at the end of this post and enter to win.  How could you not love these?  And honestly…how could you not laugh??  Check them out!


From Heather: I remember when checking the mail was exciting. Before the days of direct mail and coupon flyers. When bills were in the minority. I might find the next book from the monthly book club. Birthday cards from every single one of my aunts and uncles. A box! With a gift in it! From grandma! A letter – handwritten, no less. Or a postcard from my best friend on her summer vacation. My little neighbor friend and I used to write letters to our postman to thank him for delivering our mail. That’s how much I loved it.

That time is long gone, but I like keeping that excitement alive a little. My husband and I love sending out mass mailings to friends and family. We jump at the chance to do any sort of announcement – moving, new baby, holiday. After our newest baby’s announcement in May, I realized it would be more than six months until our next foreseen mailing. I made an argument for a Christmas-in-July card to no avail. I’m going to have to live vicariously through you.


Check out Finch and Hare’s other designs here on Etsy!

Rules for the giveaway:

#1 “Like” us on Facebook here.

#2 “Like” Finch and Hare on Facebook here.

#3 Post your wedding date on the Pink Pearls Facebook wall!

And for an extra chance to win

Follow Pink Pearls Blog AND Finch and Hare on Instagram  (**Instagram names are: @pinkpearlsweddingblog and @ha.HeatherAbbott)

That’s it!  Thanks readers for visiting us today.  Now go win your awesome prize!  Winner will be announced one week from today!


Chrissy and MiMi

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