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Skater Love Inspiration Shoot- Aaron Brown Photography


Hey you guys!  Today’s post is a proud one for PPB!  Not only do we get to introduce you to one of our favorite photographers (and amazing wedding vendors), but we also get to show you our own work as well!  I remember when Mimi first asked me to be a part of this inspiration shoot… At the time all she knew is she wanted an edgy/skate boarder themed shoot and she wanted Aaron Brown to shoot it.  A few lunch dates later (and although a bit out of my usual granola/hippy dippy comfort zone), she convinced me with our awesome group of vendors, her edgy style ideas, and my design skills… this would be something special…and she was right.  So please read on and see for yourself.


We all met at a “secret” location for the shoot.  An indoor skate park a few hardcore skater friends went in on.  At first I was a little scared as dudes were flying by me on their boards, wiping out, and totally fearless.  It was a different world in there for sure, but I really respected it and we were grateful to them for letting us bring flowers, makeup, and a little bit of glamour to the site.

Aaron3image_00006image_00018Aaron 4image_00022image_00019image_00021image_00026

I had so much fun helping bring Mimi’s vision to life.  As much as I’d love to say I know anything about being edgy I can’t.  At all.  She, however, knew EXACTLY what she wanted for everything!  A sassy blush bride, and definitely the rock and roll tulle skirt dresses for our bridesmaid girls.  The basic idea was to bring a soft element to a harder concept.  Love it!


The flowers were absolutely amazing!  Magda from Zuzu’s Petals did a wonderful job!  If you could ever make a bouquet look rock and roll, she did it for sure!  And what about that hair and makeup?!  Our bride had a fantastic mug and do via Melissa Marshall and Julie Trimble.  Totally knocked it out of the park!  Ok onto more of Mimi’s magic…

image_00074image_00037image_00035image_00069Aaron 2image_00065

The dessert table was to die for and although the glam was quite possibly a damper to all of our skater dude friends, the sweets were definitely welcomed.


Thanks so much everyone for reading us today!  Please go visit each and every one of today’s vendors (listed below), and follow them.  They are all just so incredibly talented.  If you are from the Chicagoland area you definitely want to take note!  And thanks again Aaron Brown for capturing this vision perfectly!  We’ll leave you all with this last image.  I call it “love is hard.”  Haha!

Until next time…Rock on pearlies!



Skater Punk wedding V6 from Jeff Bastian on Vimeo.


Chrissy and Mimi

Vendors: Photographer – Aaron Brown Photography/ Lighting – Prestige Sound & Lighting/ Design & Concept – AKM Events/ Wardrob Design – 27 Dresses Designs/ Hair – Julie Trimble, Hairstylist/ Makeup – Melissa Marshall, LeRoc On Location/ Floral Design – ZuZu’s Petals/ Cake & Pastries – Wildflour/ Stationary – Cloud Nine Invitation Design/ Chair Covers – NWI Chaircovers/ Video – Seabass Productions/ Temporary tattoos & Body Art – Alicia Rosignol/ Models -Ashley Ann Smash, Katelyn Pruitt, Jill Scribor, Nick Ullrich, Gnarly Jargon, Renegade, Jack, Matt, Brenden, Jeremy, BZHQ

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