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Pink Pearls Praise – CW Drawings

Good morning Pearlies!  Oh boy, do we have a treat for you on today’s Pink Pearls Praise. Keeping it in the region, we bring you Chicago local, Corrie Wessman of CD Drawings.  She specializes in handcrafted, one of a kind, pencil portraits.  Her Etsy page is AWESOME, and I want to purchase every piece for myself.  Not only does she create super cool animal art prints, she also transforms wedding photos into original works of art!  How fun would it be to relive a special moment in your life by allowing her to create a timeless piece of art from it. Something different and unique to cherish for years to come. Sounds amazing, right?  Let’s hear a bit from the artist herself.  Pearlies… meet Corrie!


I specialize in handmade wedding pencil portrait drawings. My heart behind what I do as an artist is to create timeless pieces that become a family heirloom. I desire to create for my clients original pieces of art depicting the most sacred and memorable day of their lives. Keepsake drawings to cherish and treasure. My heart is tied in to each portrait I put on paper and each pencil mark is intentional. It is a joy to create and I feel privileged to do so!

I often get asked “How does it work? Do you use photos? Draw from life?” and the answer is I do draw from photographs. Couples can contact me either before or after their wedding day to start the conversation of ordering my drawings. If before, they can book me and my services so once they have their wedding photography we can get to choosing a photo right away! If a couple contacts me after (a first year anniversary is always a great idea considering the traditional first anniversary gift is “paper”!) they’ll simply share their photos with me and we’ll decide together which photo(s) will translate best to a drawing. It’s a fun process to decide on a photo and also get to know the couple and their story through the process!

Corrie 5Corrie 2Corrie 3Corrie4 Corrie 1Corrie6These drawings are stunning and I cannot believe the talent that Corrie is blessed with. Thank you for sharing these beautiful pieces with us!  Please follow her amazing journey on Facebook and stop in on her Etsy page to see more of her work.


Chrissy & MiMi

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