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A Chula Vista Rustic Glam Wedding: Whitney and Landon

Good morning Pearlies!

In honor of the holiday and the fact that this wedding has been our most read thus far, today we are re-running Whitney and Landon’s BEAUTIFUL wedding by Tara Draper.  If you haven’t yet seen it you are in for a treat, and if you have then you know that re-living it is awesome too!  Plus there’s fireworks…Perfect.  🙂   Enjoy you guys!!!….


We have another great week of wedding beauty in store for you. Let’s start with this little gem from Tara Draper Photography. This is a rustic glam real wedding at the lovely Chula Vista resort in Wisconsin. As you know, PPB is a sucker for outdoor weddings, and this one definitely has us swooning. Oh, and did you get a look at the bride? Is she stunning or what! The whole bridal party is completely gorgeous. I bet that made Tara’s job a lot more fun photographing all of this beauty.
Every detail about his wedding has us in awe! From the beautiful pearl necklace to the bride’s cowboy boots. They even added a little pearl detail to the grooms boutonnière. We love the barrels with the rustic floral piece at the ceremony mixed with the super glam chandelier hanging overhead.  The bride definitely kept each detail in mind when planning the wedding of her dreams!

Whitney-Landon-2 Whitney-Landon-3 Whitney-Landon-4 Whitney-Landon-5 Whitney-Landon-7 Whitney-Landon-9 Whitney-Landon-10 Whitney-Landon-11 Whitney-Landon-15 Whitney-Landon-17 Whitney-Landon-18 Whitney-Landon-19 Whitney-Landon-20 Whitney-Landon-27 Whitney-Landon-29 Whitney-Landon-31 Whitney-Landon-32 Whitney-Landon-35 Whitney-Landon-37 Whitney-Landon-43 (1) Whitney-Landon-46 Whitney-Landon-48

These maid’s dresses are super cute and fun, perfectly matching the style of the wedding.  They were all purchased online at various websites.  The Bride’s Melissa Sweet gown was  an awesome clearance find that she redesigned to make it all her own.  The sash was a gorgeous satin ribbon from a local craft store.  Whitney is definitely a super DIY’er!  We just love her style!

Whitney-Landon-52 Whitney-Landon-54 Whitney-Landon-56 Untitled-1

The groom and his groomsmen looked equally as amazing as the women!  The dark chocolate brown suits were a great backdrop for the blush ties and pink boutonnières.

Whitney-Landon-59 Whitney-Landon-60 Whitney-Landon-61 Whitney-Landon-62 Whitney-Landon-64 Whitney-Landon-65

From the Bride about the Décor:  I made all of them with the help of my wonderful mom and sister! we had shopped at all the antique stores in the Madison area and collected wooden crates, silver plates, and pearls. I love treasure hunting, so it was so much fun. And now I have all of those decorations throughout my house. So that was a win win situation since I got to reuse them! 

And they did a beautiful job.  Each detail was eye catching and rounded out the look of this rustic glam event! The larkspur in the DIY bottle vases are just precious!

Whitney-Landon-67 Whitney-Landon-68 Whitney-Landon-69 Whitney-Landon-70 Whitney-Landon-71 Whitney-Landon-72 Whitney-Landon-73 Whitney-Landon-74 Whitney-Landon-75 Whitney-Landon-76 Whitney-Landon-77 Whitney-Landon-78 Whitney-Landon-79 Whitney-Landon-80 Whitney-Landon-82 Whitney-Landon-83 Whitney-Landon-84 Whitney-Landon-85 Whitney-Landon-87 Whitney-Landon-88 Whitney-Landon-91 Whitney-Landon-92 Whitney-Landon-93 Whitney-Landon-94 Whitney-Landon-98 Whitney-Landon-99 Whitney-Landon-100 Whitney-Landon-101 Whitney-Landon-102 Whitney-Landon-103 Whitney-Landon-104 Whitney-Landon-106 Whitney-Landon-108 Whitney-Landon-109 Whitney-Landon-110 Whitney-Landon-113Untitled-2Whitney-Landon-118 Whitney-Landon-119 Whitney-Landon-120 Whitney-Landon-121 Whitney-Landon-122 Whitney-Landon-123 Whitney-Landon-124 Whitney-Landon-126 Whitney-Landon-127 Whitney-Landon-128 Whitney-Landon-130 Whitney-Landon-131 Whitney-Landon-133Untitled-3Whitney-Landon-137 Whitney-Landon-138 Untitled-4 Whitney-Landon-142 Whitney-Landon-144 (1) Whitney-Landon-145 Whitney-Landon-146 Whitney-Landon-147 Whitney-Landon-154

Untitled-5Whitney-Landon-155 Whitney-Landon-156 Whitney-Landon-158 Whitney-Landon-159 Whitney-Landon-161 Whitney-Landon-162 Whitney-Landon-163 Whitney-Landon-164 Whitney-Landon-167 Whitney-Landon-171 Whitney-Landon-172

The simple elegance of the bouquets have an amazing beauty to them and the vintage styled brooches are fantastic!

Untitled-6Whitney-Landon-177 Whitney-Landon-179 Whitney-Landon-180 Whitney-Landon-182 Whitney-Landon-184

The bling is to die for!  And cupcakes… well, who doesn’t love cupcakes!

Whitney-Landon-186 Whitney-Landon-187 Whitney-Landon-189 Whitney-Landon-190 Whitney-Landon-192 Whitney-Landon-193 Untitled-7 Whitney-Landon-198 Whitney-Landon-201 Whitney-Landon-202 Whitney-Landon-204 Untitled-8 Whitney-Landon-205

Ending the night with fireworks and dancing is like a dream come true!  We hope you enjoyed this wedding as much as we did!


Chrissy & MiMi

Vendors: Photographer – Tara Draper Photography/Venue – Chula Vista Resort, WI/Florist – Salem Floral/DJ – Jukebox Bandstand/Bakery – Swirlz Cupcakes/Hair – Circa Bella/Makeup – Jacinda/ Suit Store – Nedrebo’s, Madison WI/ Bridesmaid Dresses – Most from Modcloth (Others from various websites)


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