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Anchors Away – Wedding Inspiration by Kate Murray Photography


I always have a favorite Inspiration shoot of the year and this was it!  I put my heart and soul in everything I do but there is always one that stands out to me.  There is always one that goes beyond my expectations. Sometimes magic…just happens!  And the funny thing is, things were going wrong that day.  There were some last minute color changes, my linens didn’t come in on time and I was late because I literally chased the UPS delivery truck down the street for our linens.  Nothing out of the ordinary in a wedding planners life but, still a little hectic!  Then, these extraordinary wedding professionals all came together to showcase their work and everything was suddenly seamless. The gown, the jewelry, the flowers and this stunning head piece… ah, perfection.  And it doesn’t hurt that our couple is GORGEOUS, too.

20150511KatherineMurrayPhotography_InspirationShoot_theAllure00720150511KatherineMurrayPhotography_InspirationShoot_theAllure008 20150511KatherineMurrayPhotography_InspirationShoot_theAllure009 20150511KatherineMurrayPhotography_InspirationShoot_theAllure010 20150511KatherineMurrayPhotography_InspirationShoot_theAllure012Untitled-1 20150511KatherineMurrayPhotography_InspirationShoot_theAllure019Untitled-2 20150511KatherineMurrayPhotography_InspirationShoot_theAllure024Untitled-3 20150511KatherineMurrayPhotography_InspirationShoot_theAllure029 20150511KatherineMurrayPhotography_InspirationShoot_theAllure030Untitled-4 20150511KatherineMurrayPhotography_InspirationShoot_theAllure038 20150511KatherineMurrayPhotography_InspirationShoot_theAllure040 20150511KatherineMurrayPhotography_InspirationShoot_theAllure043 20150511KatherineMurrayPhotography_InspirationShoot_theAllure044 20150511KatherineMurrayPhotography_InspirationShoot_theAllure047

The flowers are ridiculous and Sugarfield really knows how to do it up!  She played off our color palette and the result is amazing. The ambiance in this room is so stunning and the venue was perfect for this yacht club soiree. This happens to be one of my favorite venues ever.  I got married there myself.  🙂

Untitled-520150511KatherineMurrayPhotography_InspirationShoot_theAllure050     20150511KatherineMurrayPhotography_InspirationShoot_theAllure05120150511KatherineMurrayPhotography_InspirationShoot_theAllure05320150511KatherineMurrayPhotography_InspirationShoot_theAllure06520150511KatherineMurrayPhotography_InspirationShoot_theAllure05420150511KatherineMurrayPhotography_InspirationShoot_theAllure05520150511KatherineMurrayPhotography_InspirationShoot_theAllure05620150511KatherineMurrayPhotography_InspirationShoot_theAllure05720150511KatherineMurrayPhotography_InspirationShoot_theAllure05920150511KatherineMurrayPhotography_InspirationShoot_theAllure06120150511KatherineMurrayPhotography_InspirationShoot_theAllure06220150511KatherineMurrayPhotography_InspirationShoot_theAllure063 20150511KatherineMurrayPhotography_InspirationShoot_theAllure064

Ten Twenty Nine Designs totally nailed it!  This stationary is the perfect addition to our nautical theme.  Amber really goes above and beyond.  Oh my, and this cake!  I can’t even. Everything about this shoot is radiant and we are swooning over here at PPB.  I know you are too.


20150511KatherineMurrayPhotography_InspirationShoot_theAllure001 20150511KatherineMurrayPhotography_InspirationShoot_theAllure002 20150511KatherineMurrayPhotography_InspirationShoot_theAllure003 20150511KatherineMurrayPhotography_InspirationShoot_theAllure00620150511KatherineMurrayPhotography_InspirationShoot_theAllure066 20150511KatherineMurrayPhotography_InspirationShoot_theAllure067 20150511KatherineMurrayPhotography_InspirationShoot_theAllure068 20150511KatherineMurrayPhotography_InspirationShoot_theAllure069 20150511KatherineMurrayPhotography_InspirationShoot_theAllure070 20150511KatherineMurrayPhotography_InspirationShoot_theAllure071 20150511KatherineMurrayPhotography_InspirationShoot_theAllure072 20150511KatherineMurrayPhotography_InspirationShoot_theAllure073 20150511KatherineMurrayPhotography_InspirationShoot_theAllure074 20150511KatherineMurrayPhotography_InspirationShoot_theAllure075

The table setting just came together in the most lovely way.  I love playing with color and I was so excited to work with this incredible group of wedding professionals who feel the same way.  Kate’s eye for detail is truly amazing and she captured the day perfectly showing so much breathtaking beauty.


Obviously I am bias, but it turned out more beautiful that I could imagine and I hope to see it in other publications. It has already been featured in one of our favorite local wedding magazines.  If you missed it, see the full layout in Wedding Essentials here.


Chrissy & MiMi

Vendors: Photography – Kate Murray Photography/ Venue – Allure/ Design and Coordination – AKM Events/ Florist – Sugarfield Flowers/ Cake – Sug, Inc./ Stationary – Ten Twenty Nine Design/ Gowns – LeSalon Bridal/ Tuxedo – Louie’s Tux/ Hair – Jes Keaton, LeRoc On-Location/ Makeup – Chelsey Weirich, LeRoc On-Location/ Models – Tori Meyers and Troy Hill, Bride and Groom, Nichole Cleveland, Bridesmaid

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