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Opa! My Real Life “Big Fat Greek Wedding”


We all know (and love) the comical movie and all of the references that poke fun towards the Greek Orthodox community. We like it, we love it, and we can’t get enough of it!  I think I have watched it my self at least a thousand times.  But, there is something so serine and inviting when you enter their beautiful Churches.  I don’t care what religious background you are from, the beauty in the architecture, the vibrant colors and the peaceful artful icons watching over you is awe inspiring.

I am proud to say that I am a Greek Orthodox Christian.  I was not born into this faith, I was actually raised in the Catholic faith and technically I did not have to convert to get married in the Orthodox Church.  However, they welcomed me with open arms and taught me about their traditions, their culture, their faith and how as a community they were truly united.  It was like coming home and my decision was made easy for me.   Thanks Father Ted! 🙂  I wanted my children to grow up in this Church! I wanted them to learn about these unwavering, beautiful traditions that I was learning. The ornate elegance of the Orthodox Churches leave you with a calming and peaceful feeling.  At least it had that effect on me.

Anyhoo…. not only was this Church also amazingly stunning, but, the bride! Ahhhh! Wait until you see this bride in her Oscar de la Renta gown.  WOW! I had the pleasure of meeting this whole lovely family in person as this striking couple hired me as their day of coordinator.  Samantha was in the same situation as I was in, brand new to this community, so we immediately connected.  As you can see from all the smiling faces, they really are all one big, phat, Greek family now!

Check out these alluring photos from Shane & Abby Photography.  Samantha’s sense of style is truly exquisite and the photographers really captured it perfectly!  She has a refined and elegant way about her that reflected in the decor of this flawless soiree.  Her chosen details and color palette are just divine! Well done, Sam.

Shane & Abby Photography-2 Shane & Abby Photography-3 Shane & Abby Photography-4 Shane & Abby Photography-5 Shane & Abby Photography-6 Shane & Abby Photography-7 Shane & Abby Photography-8 Shane & Abby Photography-9 Shane & Abby Photography-10 Shane & Abby Photography-11 Shane & Abby Photography-12 Shane & Abby Photography-13 Shane & Abby Photography-14 Shane & Abby Photography-15 Shane & Abby Photography-16 Shane & Abby Photography-17 Shane & Abby Photography-18 Shane & Abby Photography-19 Shane & Abby Photography-20 Shane & Abby Photography-21 Shane & Abby Photography-22

I have always been a sucker for the first look photos.  The grooms face is always priceless when seeing his beautiful bride for the first time.  LOVE it!

Shane & Abby Photography-23 Shane & Abby Photography-24 Shane & Abby Photography-25 Shane & Abby Photography-26 Shane & Abby Photography-27 Shane & Abby Photography-28 Shane & Abby Photography-29 Shane & Abby Photography-30 Shane & Abby Photography-31 Shane & Abby Photography-32 Shane & Abby Photography-33 Shane & Abby Photography-34 Shane & Abby Photography-35 Shane & Abby Photography-36 Shane & Abby Photography-37 Shane & Abby Photography-38 Shane & Abby Photography-39 Shane & Abby Photography-40 Shane & Abby Photography-41 Shane & Abby Photography-42 Shane & Abby Photography-43 Shane & Abby Photography-44 Shane & Abby Photography-45 Shane & Abby Photography-46 Shane & Abby Photography-47 Shane & Abby Photography-48 Shane & Abby Photography-49 Shane & Abby Photography-51 Shane & Abby Photography-52 Shane & Abby Photography-53 Shane & Abby Photography-54 Shane & Abby Photography-55 Shane & Abby Photography-56 Shane & Abby Photography-57 Shane & Abby Photography-58 Shane & Abby Photography-59 Shane & Abby Photography-63 Shane & Abby Photography-64 Shane & Abby Photography-65 Shane & Abby Photography-66 Shane & Abby Photography-67 Shane & Abby Photography-68 Shane & Abby Photography-69 Shane & Abby Photography-70 Shane & Abby Photography-71 Shane & Abby Photography-72 Shane & Abby Photography-73 Shane & Abby Photography-74 Shane & Abby Photography-75

Gorgeous… right? I told you so!  Thank you Samantha and George for allowing me to be a small part of this grand event.  You are both beautiful and exceptional people and I’m so glad to know you.  Cheers!


Chrissy & MiMi

Vendors: Ceremony – St. George Hellenic Orthodox Church/ Photographer – Shane & Abby Photography/ Coordinator – AKM Events/ Hair & Makeup – Vanis Salon, Schererville/ Venue – The Center for Visual and Performing Arts/ DJ – Fantastic DJs/ Decor and Linens – Chair Covers by Sylwia & Michael Angelo’s Events/ Flowers – Cathy Howard Flowers/ Transportation – Chicago Trolly/ Cake – Dessertmenu/ Stationary – Cloud9/ Wardrobe – Bridesmaids – Ultimate Bride, Bride – Oscar de la Renta, Groomsmen –, Groom – Bloomingdales, Theory

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