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PPB’s Top 10 Alternative Wedding Accessories on Etsy

Good morning pearlies!  I am so excited to share today’s post!  I was doing some research over the weekend on my favorite website in the whole wide world…Etsy, and I have found some of the most beautiful alternative (and of course handmade) bridal accessories on the market!  I just had to share the beauty with you…our unique and wonderful readers!  You’re welcome. 🙂

I tried to mix styles and include a little something for everyone and I hope you enjoy it and show these amazing vendors some love and support in the future when planning your big day!  So without further adieu…

Our first lovely handmade creation pick is this art deco style feather piece that’s fit for a vintage loving queen.  This beauty comes courtesy of The Ritzy Rose and makes me want to get married all over again.  To top it all off, the shop itself is amazing and worth checking out.  So do it!!!…Here.RR1

Next is a lacey dream of a garter and comes from By Vivienn.  This gorgeous pick gives an effect of a vine of beauty on your leg and screams classy yet sexy.  Definitely unique, and definitely worth checking out.  There are lots of colors and lots of lace styles to choose from, so if this one isn’t exactly you, don’t fret…see more beautiful choices here.


Next is this lush piece of art from 6d Vintage.  I saw this and fell in love.  The golds and coppers are just so perfect together, and plainly put…this thing is a show stopper!  This shop is definitely something to look into if you want something awesome and one of a kind.  Do so here.


Number 4 on our list is for our men!  We can’t leave them out right??  This quirky but oh so fun piece is from Havok Designs and as you know we LOVE something unique here at PPB, and this fits the bill for sure!  It’s a wooden bow tie, and there are more in the shop you can check out as well if this one isn’t your exact style…See for yourself here.

Havok Designs

Moving on, I came across a couple of AMAZING statement necklaces!  I love statement necklaces and this one from Nautical Sea Glass I could handle wearing any day of the week, but I thought it would be just a beautiful, unique, and bold bridal piece as well.  I mean, the artistry alone makes this a shop worth noticing.  Wow!  See this and more awesome things here.

Nautical Sea glass

And speaking of bold statement necklaces…helllllloooooo gorgeous!  This PHENOMENAL design is from Abigail Grace Bridal.  All we can say is…amazing.  To wear this would be to wear a complete work of art on your wedding day, and I am a HUGE fan!  I would wear an understated gown just so I could show this baby off in it’s full glory.  Cheers to AGB!  We adore this!  See more creations from this artist here.


Keeping in the whole statement theme, our next pick was this glorious sash from Our Beau Baby. The attention to detail and the beautiful color combos in this one is what sold me.  The time and energy alone is worth giving this shop and the creations some mega kudos, and beyond brides, if there’s any expectant moms looking for something to glam up your maternity photo shoot, this shop might definitely be of interest.  Check it out for yourself here.


Next we will take it back to headpieces and share with you this glorious number from K is for Kani.  Personally I love everything about this…color combo, the romantic feel, size…everything about it is artistically perfect and we especially love things that could go beyond your wedding day, and this definitely would.  Shoot, I would wear this beauty to the grocery store.  It’s just to pretty to sit in a box!  See more of KIFK’s amazing designs here.


#9 and #10 come from my shop The Boho Barbie.  What?!  I have to give myself some love too right?  Seriously though…bear with me.  There’s a method to my madness that goes a beyond just self promotion.  #9 is a great alternative bridal headband.  It’s a tulle dream, obviously photographs beautifully, and actually can be worn as just a headband or just a flower or as a combo.  I just love that option because so many brides want a different reception look, so how lovely would it be to have that option when just purchasing one item??  I could just imagine going from your headbanded down hair do to a romantic updo with the tulle flower pinned in for the reception.  How awesome!


And last but not least…we can’t leave out the fur babies!!!  This little lacey floral collar is the perfect accessory for your pooch on the big day.  And why not make them feel a little special…they are part of the family too.  See this, the headband above, and more by checking out The Boho Barbie here.


Well you guys, I hope you liked this cool stroll through some of Etsy’s finest finds.  We loved sharing them, that’s for sure!


Chrissy and Mimi


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