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Southsea Portsmouth Engagment- Rachel and Shaun

Rachel & Shaun Engagement-1

Ah, young love!  This couple definitely tugs on your heartstrings a bit.  This session comes to us from the UK.  Lorraine Claire Photography has captured our hearts with this fun loving, carefree couple.  Rachel and Shaun’s playful photo shoot has made us swoon, remembering loving memories from our own experiences.   A walk through Portsmouth Rose Gardens… can you get anymore romantic than that?  How about a sweet kiss on the beach at sunset?  LOVE!



Rachel & Shaun Engagement-2 Rachel & Shaun Engagement-3 Rachel & Shaun Engagement-12 Rachel & Shaun Engagement-13 Rachel & Shaun Engagement-14  Rachel & Shaun Engagement-16 Rachel & Shaun Engagement-19 Rachel & Shaun Engagement-20  Rachel & Shaun Engagement-25 Rachel & Shaun Engagement-28 Rachel & Shaun Engagement-36 Rachel & Shaun Engagement-40 Rachel & Shaun Engagement-48 Rachel & Shaun Engagement-52 Rachel & Shaun Engagement-53 Rachel & Shaun Engagement-56 Rachel & Shaun Engagement-62 Rachel & Shaun Engagement-66 Rachel & Shaun Engagement-72 Rachel & Shaun Engagement-78 Rachel & Shaun Engagement-80 Rachel & Shaun Engagement-85


Thank you for sharing this with us Lorraine!  Nothing makes us happier than young love. Pearlies, be on the lookout for more from Lorraine Claire Photography.


Rachel & Shaun Engagement-15



Chrissy & MiMi

Vendors: Photographer – Lorraine Claire Photography/ Venues – Southsea Beach adjacent to Reception Venue Royal Marines Museum and Southsea Rose Gardens

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