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Lovely Classic English Real Wedding – Joseph and Florence

Mr & Mrs Smyth-265

Good morning you guys!  I have to start today’s feature by saying that when I was a little girl, I wanted to move to England.  I always loved the idea of living far away in a place where kings and queens still existed, where it was a little chillier most of the time, and where I was surrounded by the coolest accents ever!  I also had this lovely picture in my head of how it would be…florals everywhere all of the time, castle like buildings, and being invited to play parlor games with my life long friends I had made.  The older I got, I kind of gave up the dream…for many reasons really.  I always told myself that it probably wasn’t nearly as cool as I had made it out to be in my head.

Then I saw this wedding from Lorraine Claire Photography, and I think my dream is reinstated! This wedding is so completely gorgeous, fun, and lovely that I can’t help but wish I was a fly on the wall that day.  It was so PERFECTLY captured by Lorraine with assistance by Melissa Beattie, and we are honored to share it.

Mr & Mrs Smyth-6Smyth1Mr & Mrs Smyth-20Mr & Mrs Smyth-26Mr & Mrs Smyth-64Mr & Mrs Smyth-78Mr & Mrs Smyth-69Mr & Mrs Smyth-98Mr & Mrs Smyth-126Mr & Mrs Smyth-149Smyth8Mr & Mrs Smyth-159Mr & Mrs Smyth-161Mr & Mrs Smyth-163Mr & Mrs Smyth-246Mr & Mrs Smyth-240

The friends all seem so fun and joyful for the occasion which we love!  And look out below for the beyond beautiful bride and groom…

Mr & Mrs Smyth-272Mr & Mrs Smyth-267Mr & Mrs Smyth-264Mr & Mrs Smyth-275Smyth4Mr & Mrs Smyth-278Mr & Mrs Smyth-290Smyth6Mr & Mrs Smyth-203Mr & Mrs Smyth-206Mr & Mrs Smyth-310Smyth5Mr & Mrs Smyth-305Mr & Mrs Smyth-317Mr & Mrs Smyth-336Mr & Mrs Smyth-329Mr & Mrs Smyth-340Mr & Mrs Smyth-358Mr & Mrs Smyth-368Mr & Mrs Smyth-359

We love how this wedding had so many great formal elements and traditions, and yet the crowd itself was so relaxed and laid back.  Our kind of people!!!

Mr & Mrs Smyth-390Mr & Mrs Smyth-378Mr & Mrs Smyth-410Mr & Mrs Smyth-424Mr & Mrs Smyth-406Mr & Mrs Smyth-222Mr & Mrs Smyth-401Mr & Mrs Smyth-448Mr & Mrs Smyth-459

We hope you enjoyed this amazing wedding as much as we did.  We thank you so much Lorraine Claire Photography for sharing your work with us!  It’s amazing and put us in a fantastic mood. Hope it did the same for all of you, pearlies!

Mr & Mrs Smyth-466


Chrissy and MiMi

Vendors: Photography- Lorraine Claire Photography~ Melissa Beattie/ Dress Designer- Kobus Dippenaar/ Shoe Designer- Kurt Geiger/ Florist- Horticouture/ Suit Designer-Gieves and Hawkes/ Venue- Rise Hall/ Stationary Designer- Groom’s dad/ Jewelry- Bride’s mom/ Makeup- DIY’ed by the bride


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