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Enchanting Outdoor Wedding – Jonathan & Marisa


Good morning Pearlies!  This outdoor whimsical wedding has us all in complete awe. Everything about this lovely affair exudes beauty in all aspects.  The oh so pretty handmade vintage gown, the gorgeous outdoor venue, the amazing flowers and the radiant smiles of all involved.

As little girls, most of us dream about this day.  The day we marry our prince charming. For many of us, we dream of delicate princess like gowns, enchanted forests, birds chirping on a lovely cloudless day and a handsome prince twirling us on the dance floor.  I would say Jonathan and Marisa’s wedding pretty much sums it all up.  The raw emotion and heart felt ceremony brought a tear to my eye as it did for their family and friends.  The venue was captivating, the floral bouquets are so incredible and the dress was striking.  Did I mention it was handmade by our lovely bride’s mom?  And Marisa looked breathtaking in it! You will absolutely fall in love with this stunning outdoor union.


Hubin-60Hubin-1Hubin-2Hubin-3Hubin-4Hubin-5 Hubin-6 Hubin-7 Hubin-8

The first look is always my favorite.  To witness that sweet moment when the groom sees their best friend for the first time on their wedding day is awe inspiring.  LOVE!

Hubin-9 Hubin-10 Hubin-11 Hubin-12 Hubin-13 Hubin-15 Hubin-16 Hubin-17 Hubin-18 Hubin-19 Hubin-20 Hubin-21 Hubin-22 Hubin-24 Hubin-25 Hubin-26 Hubin-28 Hubin-30 Hubin-31 Hubin-32 Hubin-33

OMG! Those flowers!  I can’t even… there are no words to describe this kind of beauty.

Hubin-34            Hubin-62Hubin-36Hubin-47Hubin-39Hubin-41Hubin-44Hubin-49Hubin-38Hubin-45Hubin-46Hubin-52Hubin-53Hubin-54Hubin-55Hubin-56Hubin-58 Hubin-64 Hubin-65 Hubin-66 Hubin-67 Hubin-68 Hubin-69 Hubin-70 Hubin-71 Hubin-72 Hubin-73Hubin-74 Hubin-75 Hubin-76 Hubin-77 Hubin-78 Hubin-79 Hubin-80 Hubin-81 Hubin-82 Hubin-83 Hubin-84 Hubin-85 Hubin-87 Hubin-88 Hubin-89 Hubin-90 Hubin-91 Hubin-93 Hubin-94 Hubin-95 Hubin-96 Hubin-97 Hubin-98 Hubin-99 Hubin-100 Hubin-101 Hubin-102 Hubin-103 Hubin-104 Hubin-105 Hubin-106 Hubin-107 Hubin-108

Marisa and Jonathan’s free spirit and radiant personalities run deep throughout this whole journey.  It made us smile every inch of the way and had us reminiscing of our childhood wedding dreams!  This fairy tale wedding can only end happily ever after!



Chrissy & MiMi

Vendors: Photography: Kristen Ann Photography/ Ceremony & Reception Location: Panola Valley Gardens, Lindstrom, MN./Bride’s dress: Made by the bride’s mother/ Groom’s Attire: H&M/Flowers: Camrose Hill, Stillwater, MN./Invitations & Paper Goods: Meagan Hubin

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