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Stunning Boudoir Session ~ Loni Jane Creative


Happy Monday pearlies!  Today we are super stoked to show off the wonderful work of Loni Jane Creative!  This submission is a short and sweet one as it’s boudoir and we don’t want to make our readers blush too much.  Haha!  This session we felt was the perfect debut of boudoir on PPB, as it is sexy but tasteful and the perfect inspiration for our brides-to-be out there thinking of doing a session like this for their grooms-to-be.  The makeup is gorgeous, the lighting phenomenal, and the editing and work from Loni Jane OUTSTANDING!  The brides smile and eyes take center stage, and we adore that she incorporated her veil and even the Cowboys jersey to totally personalize the session and make it her own!  I also love that the ring stands out in many of the photos and although we ourselves might not walk so well in those heels, we think they add an amazing touch to the photos!  Enjoy!


Wowee!  Thanks for reading along this morning pearlies.  We hope you enjoyed this debut and the dream team of Loni Jane.  We have included the link to them below if you want to see more of their work.  They do it all!  From maternity, to family, to weddings… so ch-ch-check them out!  And as always we THANK YOU for reading us!



Chrissy and MiMi

Photography: Loni Jane Creative

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