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Sixteen Sunbuckles – Pink Pearls Praise & Free printable


Good Morning Pearlies!  We have a very special Praise Day for you today.  Please say hello to our friend Lauren from Sixteen Sunbuckles.  As working mothers ourselves we wanted to take a moment to give some props to another hardworking mom and fellow blogger.  We all struggle to find that thin line between work and family.  Read about Lauren and how she maintains that work/family balance. And please enjoy an awesome free printable to remind us all to stop and smell the coffee once in a while!

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Lauren Shanks a work from home mom of one (soon to be two) and owner of Sixteen Sunbuckles [] an online paperie and brand development shop of simple gifts for living and giving.  Her life revolves around Jesus, an airedale, diy projects, good books, pen and paper.  She’s in a constant need of grace, coffee and technology –  usually in that order.


With a preschooler, pregnancy, a quickly-growing business and everything else under the sun going on, life has been BUSY lately. Let’s talk about balance for a minute. A word I rarely take control of.  BALANCE. We all want it, but does it really exist? Sometimes I feel like I’m six feet under water gasping for air.  I spoke with a dear friend on the phone this morning and she too felt the quiet storm raging inside her ragged mind.  We are all desperately seeking balance in the depths of chaos.

And that’s life. Especially over here these days. Some days its all about work and sometimes its all about my family (especially three year old tantrums).  Some days I’ll finish the day with a good book all smiles and think, “Man I rocked today.” And some days, my face is will hide under the pillow praying tomorrow will be better. And always this mom needs a a giant mug of coffee and a pedicure… am I right? Or a nap.  Or all three.

But I’ve finally realized I cannot find balance alone and a nap will only get me so far.  I need my friends and family for support, shoulders to cry on, and laugh with.  I need them for coffee dates to pour out my soul or crazy ideas.  We need to take simple moments and encourage each other.  Listen to each others struggles.  Pray for each other in areas we feel like drowning or  can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The thing that helps me the most is knowing I have people here for me.  Simple gifts or words of encouragement can go far.  We need to take time and honor that about each other.  Thanking someone for taking precious time out of their chaos to remember us is sacred.  This printable is small, simple and sweet.  Just a little encouragement to embrace the season of life you’re in. It will always change and ebb and flow and the true success of life is knowing when to shift this way… and when to shift that way.  So thank your friends and family for being there for you.  And grab a coffee with them while you’re at it.


Thank you for your submission Lauren, and a huge thank you for this awesome free printable! Check out more of Lauren’s work at

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Chrissy & MiMi

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