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Lovely DIY Barn Wedding – Emma & Gavin

Mr & Mrs St.Hill-159

Good morning Pearlies!  This DIY rustic wedding has us swooning here at PPB.  Emma and Gavin’s style and creativity has shined through every detail of this wedding.  Any groom that wears pink definitely has our vote too! Check out the socks, Pearlies!  And, of course, the incredible Lorraine Claire has graced us with her beautiful work once again.  Everything about this wedding is inviting and we are so glad to share it with you today.

Oh my gosh, I am so in love with this oh so pretty pink cottage that today’s bridal party rented out for the pre-wedding festivities.  Who wouldn’t want to get ready in such a charming little bungalow.   The flowers really pop against the blue stained glass well cover at the cottage’s conservatory.  Mr & Mrs St.Hill-1Mr & Mrs St.Hill-2 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-3 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-4 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-7 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-8 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-9 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-11 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-12 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-13 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-14 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-18

The champagne was flowing as love and laughter filled the air.  The ladies prepared for this amazing celebration while reminiscing about the past. As they awaited that final moment before their friend/sister/daughter walked down the aisle to the man of her dreams, smiles, hugs and gifts were exchanged.  What lovely memories and what a brilliant job capturing all of this beauty, Lorraine.  You all look so stunning ladies!

Mr & Mrs St.Hill-19 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-22 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-23 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-24 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-25 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-28 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-30 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-32 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-44 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-47 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-50 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-55 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-57 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-58Mr & Mrs St.Hill-59 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-60Mr & Mrs St.Hill-61 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-62 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-63 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-64 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-65 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-67 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-71 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-73 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-74 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-77 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-78 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-79 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-81 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-83 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-85 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-88 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-89 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-92 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-104 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-105 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-109 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-110 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-112 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-119 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-124 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-129 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-136 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-141 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-142 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-146 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-149 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-151 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-157 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-160 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-162 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-164 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-172 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-175 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-176 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-181 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-192 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-203 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-206 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-211 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-223 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-228 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-243 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-253 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-103Mr & Mrs St.Hill-102Mr & Mrs St.Hill-96Mr & Mrs St.Hill-101Mr & Mrs St.Hill-99Mr & Mrs St.Hill-274 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-275 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-317 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-318 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-323 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-338 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-339 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-342 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-346 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-349 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-359 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-362 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-374 Mr & Mrs St.Hill-376

It looks like a great time was had by all.  I adore live bands and it seems that they certainly kept the party going.  What a fantastic and charming affair.  Each delicate detail was thoughtful and lovely.  Emma and Gavin had a beautiful day and tell an entrancing story with their huge smiles.

Mr & Mrs St.Hill-389


Chrissy & MiMi

Vendors: Photography – Lorraine Claire Photography/ Reception Venue – Alpheton Hall Barns/ Prep Venue – The Station House Cottages/ Hair & Makeup – Sophie Noble from Lolly Lou and Carly Davis from Beyond Beauty/ Bride’s Gown – Ronald Joyce/ Bridesmaid Gowns- Wedding Dreams by Lisa/ Flowers- Wild Poppy Flowers/ Graphic Design- Lucy Ledger Designs Music – Sax on Fire


    • Thank you. I was just going to write to the photographer to ask that very question. Gorgeous bouquets!! We will add your link to the post asap!


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