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Labor Day Celebration Drink Tutorial!

Good morning Pearlies!  It’s labor Day so what better DIY than a special celebration drink?! This drink is simple, yummy, and packs quite a punch!  A perfect cocktail if we do say so ourselves.  Now let’s get started and talk about what you’re going to need…


*(Red) Grenadine

*(White) UV Coconut Vodka

*(Blue) Curacao

*A festive cup (preferably with ice)

*A SPOON (This is not pictured, but it is very necessary.  MiMi and I learned real quick that if you don’t use one then instead of a red, white, and blue bomb you end up with “purple drank.”  Lol!)


First you slowly pour your grenadine.


Then take your spoon and slowly pour the vodka over the spoon.


And finally, repeat this step with your blue Curacao.


Blue Switched

That’s it!  The blue and white almost magically switch and you can see all three colors.  It’s pretty darn cool.  🙂

rwb1Final 4

We hope you enjoyed our short and sweet tutorial.  If you try it be sure you let us know how you liked it!  If you think this post looks a bit familiar it’s because we ran it for the Fourth of July…we thought it was a fitting re-run for the holiday, so enjoy!  Also,  have a wonderful holiday and we hope you are spending it with the ones you love most. And (of course) if you are enjoying this drink tutorial during your celebrations, please drink responsibly.


Chrissy and MiMi

Final 3

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