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Unique Artsy and Fun Real Wedding ~ Michael and Drew

Louisville Wedding Photographer -Chandler Rose Photography-139

Good morning pearlies!  Wowee I’m excited about today’s wedding!  There are so many fun details from the bride to fill you in on in the awesome  story of Michael and Drew!  I actually “met” Drew through Etsy… I know it sounds kind of funny, but I really did!  She actually contacted me through my shop to see if I could do a custom sash for her wedding dress out of the materials I actually used for a bridal headband.  I LOVE when creative people contact me!  She saw the listing as a headband, but wanted to make it into something different and uniquely her own.  I was of course totally on board!  On top of that, she was a dream to work with.  Then recently, she contacted me again thanking me for the creation and sending me a few pictures from her wedding.  I also LOVE when that happens…but the best part was that just from those few photos, I could tell her wedding was super unique, and the photography was great!  I asked if she thought her photographer Haley would be interested in sending the wedding over to us at PPB to be published, and well…here we are!  So I hope you enjoy this story of the sweet couple and the beautiful photos to go along with them…

Louisville Wedding Photographer -Chandler Rose Photography-21Louisville Wedding Photographer -Chandler Rose Photography-19Louisville Wedding Photographer -Chandler Rose Photography-20Louisville Wedding Photographer -Chandler Rose Photography-27MandD2Louisville Wedding Photographer -Chandler Rose Photography-31Louisville Wedding Photographer -Chandler Rose Photography-35

Proposal: Drew was completely surprised when Michael proposed in December 2013 after dinner and a date night at Proof on Main and 21C Art Museum in Louisville, KY.

Louisville Wedding Photographer -Chandler Rose Photography-24Louisville Wedding Photographer -Chandler Rose Photography-25MandD7DandM8Louisville Wedding Photographer -Chandler Rose Photography-38Louisville Wedding Photographer -Chandler Rose Photography-57MandD3Louisville Wedding Photographer -Chandler Rose Photography-66Louisville Wedding Photographer -Chandler Rose Photography-67Louisville Wedding Photographer -Chandler Rose Photography-50

How we met: In October 2011, our good friends played match, and asked and invited us both to a dinner and movie night. We met at a local video store to choose a movie, and Michael maintains that Drew introduced herself to him while batting her eyelashes. We ended up sitting by eachother through the scary movie while Michael laughed at how not scary it was and Drew hid under a blanket the whole time. Soon after, we went on first date for coffee at a local shop, Quills, which turned into hours of talking and walking. We’ve been inseparable since then!

Louisville Wedding Photographer -Chandler Rose Photography-71Louisville Wedding Photographer -Chandler Rose Photography-80

The wedding party consisted of 6 bridesmaid and 6 groomsmen, including our close friends and the bride’s two sisters. Ushers were the bride’s brother and 2 cousins and the groom’s sister. Our close friend officiated the ceremony and two other close friends (who had introduced us originally) read scripture (they had a baby 4 days before our wedding and couldn’t be in the wedding party).

Louisville Wedding Photographer -Chandler Rose Photography-79Louisville Wedding Photographer -Chandler Rose Photography-83MandD4Louisville Wedding Photographer -Chandler Rose Photography-89DandM9Louisville Wedding Photographer -Chandler Rose Photography-102Louisville Wedding Photographer -Chandler Rose Photography-107Louisville Wedding Photographer -Chandler Rose Photography-114MandD5Louisville Wedding Photographer -Chandler Rose Photography-121Louisville Wedding Photographer -Chandler Rose Photography-124MandD6Louisville Wedding Photographer -Chandler Rose Photography-1Louisville Wedding Photographer -Chandler Rose Photography-2Louisville Wedding Photographer -Chandler Rose Photography-5Louisville Wedding Photographer -Chandler Rose Photography-7Louisville Wedding Photographer -Chandler Rose Photography-8Louisville Wedding Photographer -Chandler Rose Photography-9

Michael set up a self-service photo booth, which our guests were able to enjoy through the night.

Louisville Wedding Photographer -Chandler Rose Photography-10Louisville Wedding Photographer -Chandler Rose Photography-11MandD1Louisville Wedding Photographer -Chandler Rose Photography-125Louisville Wedding Photographer -Chandler Rose Photography-126Louisville Wedding Photographer -Chandler Rose Photography-128Louisville Wedding Photographer -Chandler Rose Photography-131

We toasted with one of our favorite local beverages: Ale 8

Louisville Wedding Photographer -Chandler Rose Photography-133

Music: Pre-ceremony guitar music by the groom’s stepfather. The bridal party proceeded in to “A Thousand Years” by The Piano Guys and out to “Come to Me” by the Goo Goo Dolls. The DJ for the reception was Mark Parris (friend of the groom).

Louisville Wedding Photographer -Chandler Rose Photography-138

We honeymooned in Portland and Bar Harbor, Maine and visited Acadia National Park.

See what I mean?  I love a great story to go along with the photos…don’t you?!  Well thank you soon much Drew for sending those photos and to Haley for taking them!  We are glad you are a part of the PPB fam!  Thanks for reading along pearlies!   Hope you were as inspired as we were, and congrats to Michael and Drew!  We wish you a life together as beautiful and lovely as your wedding day itself!

Louisville Wedding Photographer -Chandler Rose Photography-132


Chrissy and MiMi

Vendors: Venue~ Frazier History Museum, Louisville, KY/ Caterer~ Masterson’s Catering/ Photographer~ Chandler Rose Photography/ Cake~ Carianne Fugich Jones (groom’s step-sister)/ Cake Balls~ DIY’ed by bride and 3 of her bridesmaids/ Flowers~ DIY’ed by bride from sola wood flowers (from Etsy) and lace from her mother’s wedding veil/ Table decor~ DIY’ed by the bride, her sister, her mother, and mother-in-law


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