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Wedding Dessert Table & Candy Bar Free Printables!!!

Good morning and Happy Friday pearlies!!!  We hope you have enjoyed our short week of awesomeness here on PPB!

With fall coming and being the busiest time for weddings (and wedding showers even), we wanted to offer some free printables for your dessert and candy bar tables.  These (literally) sweet tables are so popular these days!  We know you of course won’t forget all the goodies that go on them, but you may very well forget a little touch of decor to add to it in all the wedding planning madness.  So we’ve designed 3 separate styles of signs you can print yourself and add to your table!  Stay calm and print on… You’re welcome.  🙂


Black and White Vintage Printable:

Black and White Vintage Printable

Download B and W Vintage


Rustic Burlap Printable:

Rustic Prinatable Option

Download Rustic Burlap


Minimal Boho Printable:

Minimal Boho Prinatable Option

Download Boho Printable



Chrissy and MiMi

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