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Pearls of Wisdom – DIY Wedding Coasters

Hey Pearlies,  We have an awesome new DIY project for you today.  Ever see those cute coasters at a wedding that lets the venue servers know not to take your drink away? Well we have an easy and inexpensive do it yourself way to get the point across.  Let me tell you, it wasn’t easy the first time around.  I had no idea what I was doing with my brand new Cricut Explore.  But, for all you Cricut Veterans, this should be a breeze! And to my newbies, after exploring a tad you will be cutting like it’s second nature.

Here’s what you’ll need!  Oh, and please forgive my amateur photography skills. 🙂

  • Cricut Explore and software
  • Cricut Pens/markers in a color of your choice
  • Cricut Tools (cutting mat, scraper, spatula)
  • Your favorite cardstock in your favorite color (we chose to embrace fall with rich fall colors)

283_Fotor 299_Fotor 316_Fotor 329_Fotor

Here’s what to do first! Log in and start a new project.  Select Insert Images and choose an image of your choice to go along with your theme.  I chose a doily like shape and sized/positioned it where I could fit two shapes across.  The average coaster is about 4″ wide. When you do add your shape some may bring up two or more versions of the same shape overlaying each other. Right click the image and “ungroup”.  Click and delete the unwanted layers.  This will only work if you start with one layer.


Then you will want to add your text.  Be sure to change the addition from “cut” to “write” and choose the pen color so that it works correctly.  Also remember to change the font and size to fit into your shape and position to your liking.

screen4_Fotor screen5_Fotor screen6_Fotor

I selected (highlight the entire image) my entire image and right clicked the mouse to bring up a new menu.  It allowed me to “attach” the writing to the actual shape so it prints where I need it to.  Then I selected the image again and selected copy at the top of the page and then paste.  It will create a duplicate image, do this as many times as you need to fit on your page.  I only did two for our tutorial but you can position them to print the entire page.


When you are confident that they are positioned correctly on your mat, choose the green go button at the top.  This will prompt you to load the sticky mat with your paper already secured. Make sure your settings are correct on your Cricut to reflect the kind of paper you are using and follow the prompts on your screen.  It should look like this:

screen2_Fotor 333_Fotor 341_Fotor

After the Cricut is done printing and cutting remove the finished product.  You can bend your mat a tad to loosen the paper and then use your spatula to gently remove the rest of the shape.


And voila, DIY wedding coasters!  An inexpensive and  fun DIY project for you and your bridesmaids.  You can either use them as is at the bar or cut a cork layer the same size and glue your cardstock to it to make them a bit more durable. We love the simplicity of this and we think your guest will love them too.  It will save their drinks from the phantom drink thief while they get down on the dance floor and party it up with you on your big day!

356_Fotor 372_FotorIMG_4799_Fotor

For a fun alternative, choose chalkboard paper for your cutout and leave a couple of chalk markers at the bar.  Allow your guests to write their own messages!

367_Fotor 370_Fotor 381_Fotor

We hope you liked our DIY project today!  Tell us your feedback, we would love to hear from you.  Did you enjoy this fun day of coaster making? What different DIY projects would you like to see from us?  Thanks again Pearlies!  Have a great day.


Chrissy & MiMi


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