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Moody Yet Playful Engagement Session~ Roni Rose Photography


Good morning pearlies!  I am so excited about today’s post!  Not only because I feel like it blends some awesome boho elements with edgy elements, or that it’s a breath of fresh air and full of uniqueness… but it also showcases fantastic photography from our new friend Roni Rose!  When Roni first described this shoot to us, she said it was “epic”, and you know what?  We couldn’t agree more.  I guess that’s just inevitable when you mix phenomenal locations, a beautiful and anti-cookie cutter looking couple, and some awesome natural light.  Great job Roni!  We are so glad to showcase your work.  Read and look on pearlies…  You don’t want to miss this inspirational and unique session!

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Oh the lighting captured here…I just can’t get over it.  It’s gorgeous and almost majestic…

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See what we mean?  Epic is right.  🙂  Thank you again Roni for sharing this with us and the PPB readers!  And congrats to the sweet couple…May this be the beginning of an amazing journey ahead!



Chrissy and Mimi

Photography: Roni Rose Photography

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