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First Day of Fall and A Pink Pearls Praise for Apropos Roasters!


Good morning pretty pearlies!  Well it’s finally here!  The day we’ve been trying to prepare for here on the blog the last week or so…The first official day of fall.  We have thoroughly enjoyed our summer, but we can’t help, but be excited for the beauty and pumpkin spice craze that comes with the autumn air.  And what better way to ring in this magical season than with coffee!!!

Today we want to praise a wonderful wedding vendor and the premium coffee creating team of Apropos Roasters.  If the name sounds familiar to you, it may be because they were a part of our Top 5 Etsy Wedding Favors post a while back.  We just loved the adorable coffee favors they produced, but we wondered how the coffee actually tasted.  After speaking with the girls over at Apropos, Jennie and Elizabeth, they offered to send some so we could try it, and let all of you readers know what it was like!  Pretty cool huh?  Well let me tell you this…Getting the package was wonderful, but holding on to it, so I could wait to do the taste test with MiMi was not.  It smelled soooooo good, and every time I walked past it in the house I wanted a cup of coffee!   I guess that was foreshadowing our experience because all we have are good things to say…(P.S. no one paid us to say this, just fyi)

Let’s start by going over the adorable packaging again.  The girls told us their 3 most popular package designs are the coffee plant, the Johnny Cash quote (also my personal favorite), and the All you need is love design.  They are all pictured below and very cool!


So the 3 coffee’s we got to try were the Columbian Apia, the Mexican SHG Turquesa, and the Nicaragua Jinotega.  Before we even brewed them, we took a whiff…We thought the Nicaragua was buttery (which the girls describe it as as well) and also earthy.  The Mexican smelled very similar to the Nicaragua, but it was lighter, and the Columbian was a strong bold smell and our noses’ favorite of the three.  🙂


After we brewed them, it was time to taste…


I made MiMi the guinea pig.  lol!  She was more than happy to do it, and with her mouth full of coffee down there managed to get the words…”this is delicious” out.  At that point, I grabbed the cup and gulped down a taste for myself.  She was right.

They were all great, but taste wise this is what we thought…

Nicaragua was mellow, mild, sweet, and smooth… Mexican was (just as the smells) similar to the Nicaragua, but even lighter and even more earthy… and the Columbian had more of a bite, was stronger and more bitter.  And as you might have guessed also turned out to be our favorite tasting of the three.


So there you have it!  We think no matter what kind of coffee you like, you will find one from Apropos that will totally be for you!  I also want to make sure I tell you that I dealt with this company totally through their Etsy Shop.  They always got right back to me, were kind, and had overall great customer service.  We hope you will try them out if you want to intertwine some awesome looking and great tasting coffee favors into your wedding or even wedding shower.  We made single servings of the coffee in the Keurig, and had lots left in each package for future use which will be nice for your guests as well.  They will think of you every time they make a cup for themselves that next week right?

So with all of this said, that’s why today Pink Pearls praises Apropos Roasters.  Now your turn to go try!  Happy Fall!



Chrissy and MiMi

PS~ If you are against pushing on the links throughout our post…this is how you get a hold of the girls at Apropos… 804-343-2034


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