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Pearls of Wisdom~ PPB’s Favorite Alternative Bouquets

Happy Friday pearlies!!!  Today we wanted to end the week talking about alternative bouquets…and in some cases…alternatives to bouquets!  Your typical bride and her maids are going to want their hands to be drenched in flowers, and rightfully so!  Personally, I ADORE flowers…in my hair, on my table, and everywhere I look outside…yes please!  But as you know, we also ADORE uniqueness here at PPB, and so we wanted to share just a few ideas that we also think could be totally cool to see as well!



Balloons are a not just for your nephew’s birthday party anymore.  They also make a charming, cute, and maybe most importantly FUN alternative to a floral bouquet.  They add a pop of color in the wedding photos, and get our PPB stamp of approval for sure.


Photography Credit: Mel Klemz Photography


Feather bouquets have spiked in popularity the past few years with the whole “My wedding must be the most unique wedding ever” craze.  Don’t get me wrong, we love all of you peeps out there that want different, but we prefer if you are doing feathers not to go too cray cray with the design. Sticking to something that resembles a traditional bouquet with non-traditional elements can equal something extraordinary.  Check out this Boho bride and her maid for more inspiration.



Photography Credit: Mel Klemz Photography

Paper Flower Bouquet~

This beautiful idea was one we actually DIY‘ed here at PPB.  And the reason is…well…look at it, it’s gorgeous!  Paper flowers can be a beautiful and artistic way to express yourself on the big day.  Not to mention extremely cost effective.  This particular bouquet was constructed out of  “plantable” paper blooms from Paper Dandelions.  You can actually plant all of the flowers when you’re done and grow REAL flowers in your yard!


Photography Credit: Mel Klemz Photography

Floral Arm Bands~

Maybe our most favorite bouquet alternatives we’ve ever seen are these AMAZING arm bands from Sugarfield Flowers.  These things absolutely rock!  Not only would they make a great way to still involve flowers for your bridesmaids, but they would double as unique jewelry.  Put in a couple of air plants or succulents, and they triple as your bridesmaid gifts because the girls can take the plants out and have them for their home afterwards.  Perfect.

Arm Band

Photography Credit: Penny Frazier Photography


Hello gorgeous!  Having a winter wedding or a dreamy rustic affair?  How about a lantern as a great way to show off your florals?  This is an awesome way to add a little character to your florals without totally taking away the idea and tradition of carrying a bouquet down the aisle with you. We love this idea for the seasons to come, and we hope you do too!



Photography Credit: Esther Gallarday



Chrissy and MiMi

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