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Gift Table Free Printables!

Final Feature Image

Good morning pearlies!  Today we have an awesome couple of FREE printables for you. Signage for your rustic-y, shabby chic wedding or shower!  Also, I didn’t even realize it until I was editing the photos, but it would also make a darn cute addition to a baby shower gift table as well!  The sky is the limit really.  Today we are giving you 2 download options!  One is a framable “Gifts” sign while the other is an option to print, cut, and string your own bunting!

First we’ll start with the bunting and inspiration.  Strung together it ends up a little something like this…

gift table 1-7gift table 1-8gift table 1 double 2gift table 1-13gift table 1-11Gift table 1 double 1gift table 1-10gift table 1-1

So so cute right?!  All we did is download each letter below, print (We used card stock), cut, poke a couple of holes in each and string some ribbon through…  Now it’s your turn!

big g bunting

Download “G”

big i bunting

Download “I”

big f bunting

Download “F”

big t bunting

Download “T”

big s bunting

Download “S”

Now to the second look.  If you are more minimalist, or just don’t have anything to hang the bunting on or against, just get yourself a super cute easel and a nice frame, and voila!  You are ready to go!  See more below…

gift table 2-1gift table 2-8gift table 2-7gift table 2 double1table 2-5gift table 2-2

So there you are!  Just as cute, but a little less printing and a little less work putting it together.  Download this version below!


Download “Gifts”

Well you guys, we hope you enjoyed this post, and it’s FREE-ness.  🙂  Tune in next week for our DIY extravaganza!  Yep, that’s right!  A whole week devoted to DIY’s that can save you money, and add a little swagger in your step, knowing that you made it yourself.  Win! Win!

See ya Monday!


Chrissy and MiMi




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