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Pearls of Wisdom – Fun 3D Star Backdrop

Hello Pearlies!  I loved this DIY project!  I think mostly because I wanted to use my new scoring tool for my cricut machine.  These stars were originally designed to be a cake topper but are so universal that they can be used for almost anything.  You can even string them together to create a super cute banner.

I choose to do a handing backdrop because I liked the idea of using them in my daughter’s room when I was done.  They are sooooo CUTE! I used a really pretty shimmery paper to create this lovely DIY.

What you’ll need:

  • Your Cricut Cutting Machine
  • Your favorite pretty cardstock
  • Your favorite crafting glue
  • ribbon
  • Cricut Scoring Stylus


Step 1.

Set up your 3D stars to be cut and scored in your Cricut Design Space.  Load paper and hit Cut on your machine.  This particular project requires different sized stars but feel free to adjust size to your liking.  Make them all one size for a banner or cut them smaller to make cupcake toppers.

3D Stars 1stars2

Step 2.

After stars are cut, remove them from cutting mat and begin folding along the scored lines. Repeat for all stars.


Step 3.

Choose two stars the same size.  Glue one star at one of the points and affix your ribbon to it. Then, glue all the tips of the second star and hold together at the points until glue dries enough for you to set it aside.

IMG_4890    IMG_4894IMG_4886

Step 4.

After all stars are dry.  Hang from any door way or wall  at different lengths to create a beautiful backdrop effect. Great for photo booths or a lovely venue entry way.


We hope you are liking our DIY week so far.  It has definitely been a blast for us! We would love to hear from you.  What DIY do you want to see or feel free to share your own favorite DIY project!  🙂


Chrissy & MiMi


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