DIY {Pearls of Wisdom}, Fall
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Pearls of Wisdom – Spray Painted Glass Centerpiece

Hey there Pearlies!  I wanted to share this super easy and fun Glass Centerpiece idea with you to round out our DIY week.  These glass cylinder candle holders/vases are so universal and make very pretty centerpieces or accents for any occasion.  This time I used my absolute favorite tool…SPRAY PAINT! I use it for almost everything.  I love how you can drastically change the look of any object with just a bit of spray paint.  And it’s so easy and fast!

Here’s what you will need:

  • your favorite spray paint
  • glass jars or cylinder vases (inexpensive from a local craft store)
  • tape, rubber bands or any material that will leave a cool effect on the glass
  • your imagination!

IMG_4928 IMG_4944

Step 1.

Create desired effect on the glass with tape or other materials. I used two different sized painters table and some left over lace from another project.


Step 2.

Be sure to be in a well ventilated area before you begin painting.  Turn the glass upside down and begin spraying slowly.  Be sure to cover all of the glass without over doing it.  You will create drip marks of you spray too much in one spot.IMG_4949

Step 3.

Allow to dry and remove tape. Fill with desired decor or keep it simple with candles.


Pearlies, DIY’s don’t have to be over complicated or daunting.  They can be super simple and fun and really create something beautiful without breaking the bank.  For an alternative look, check out another DIY version (here).  I did this for my daughter’s baptism using some lace and fabric flowers. They were so beautiful and now make for some very pretty decor in her bedroom. Thanks for sticking with us on our very first DIY Week!  It was a blast for us and we hope you enjoyed it too!  We hope you even got inspired to do your own DIY’s.



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