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Pearls of Wisdom – DIY Pumpkin Martini & Spooky Halloween Drink Table


Hey Hey Pearlies!  We have another yummy and festive drink tutorial for you today!  I am a huge fan of anything pumpkin flavored so I hope you love this as much as I do.  I couldn’t resist a little taste test while we were mixing these up for you.

Here’s what you will need to make your own.


Martini Shaker, Ice, Pumpkin Liquor, Irish Cream, Vanilla Vodka, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, 1.5 Ounce Shotglass

Pumpkin martini1Pumpkin martini2

Add ice to martini shaker
Add Pumpkin liquor to shot glass and pour into shaker
Add Irish Cream to shot glass and pour into shaker


Add Vanilla Vodka to shot glass and pour into shaker
Lid the shaker and shake it up
Pour into martini glass
pumpkin martini13
Top with nutmeg and finally cinnamon!
Garnish with some creepy props and set out on your awesomely spooky Halloween table for your guests to enjoy!  Thanks for hanging with us, Pearlies. We hope you have a safe and Happy Halloween and remember to drink responsibly…
DT3 DT26 DT28 DT30 DT31 DT32
Chrissy & MiMi

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