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PPB’s Top 10 Natural Skincare Products

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Morning pearlies!  Today we are continuing with our beauty week.  We took a pause yesterday to bring you a gorgeous real wedding in honor of Veteran’s Day.  If you missed it, no worries…Take a look here.

Continuing on though, MiMi gave me the job of doing the write up for skincare this week because she has a very limited list of what she uses for skincare.  I, however, am a natural skincare junkie, and have been super blessed to be able to try a crazy number of products out myself.  My hubs actually works for a natural products distributor!  So whether, it’s a free sample from work, a gift bag from a company dinner, or just me making him order me the newest product out there… I sometimes feel like I have hit the skincare lotto.  So I guess with all that said, MiMi made the right decision on letting me go to town on what’s out there, and what works.  Just think of it as my knowledge, and luck is your gain because you can read about the products and what they do, and purchase the ones you feel are right for what you need!

Ok, so without further adieu…Here’s our PPB Top 10.

#1 Thayer’s Alcohol-Free Toner Cucumber Witch Hazel

So when I first got this product my thought was “alcohol free huh?  No way that’s going to work as well for toning then.”  Boy was I wrong!  Not only do you still feel the tingle with this awesome product, my cotton ball looks just as dirty as the alcohol based toner makes it.  lol!  Let me explain.  The main reason I use a toner on my skin is to get that extra layer of makeup and dirt from my skin after it’s washed.  No matter how good your cleanser is, there is always some leftovers.  Trust me.  Get yourself a bottle of this and see for yourself.

Thayers Witch Hazel

#2 Reviva Labs Rosewater Facial Spray

So this is my go to product in the summer time!  When you’re feeling a little grittier and sweatier than usual, a trip indoors, and a few sprays of this can make you feel good as new.  It has a great natural scent, and makes you feel a bit more revitalized, not to mention the extra addition of hydraulic acid is always a good thing to put on your face to help with those pesky wrinkles.

Rose Water

#3 Reviva Labs Alpha Lipoic Acid Vitamin C Ester, and DMAE Cream

Not only is this a great product to reverse aging, but this cream feels great on.  It is definitely a cream, but the after feeling has almost that of a gel.  This cream also has a skin tightening effect so I make sure I put it on my neck before bedtime…whenever I remember anyway.

Reviva Ester C

#4 and #5 Reviva Labs DMAE and Alpha Lipoic and Vitamin C Ester Firming Eye Serum/ Reviva Labs Makeup Primer

These 2 I stuck together because I use them one right after the other.  The eye serum is great for everything from wrinkles to dark circles, and since I am at the age where all that smiling in my life is coming back to haunt me in the form of fine lines and I’ve pretty much had dark circles since the womb…this product is a staple for me.  I put it under my eyes and give it a few minutes to dry.  From there, I apply the makeup primer to help keep my concealer and eyeshadow on.  The primer you can use on your whole face, but I only use it around my eyes because I tend to have oily skin.  I would say if you have dry skin, it would be great for your whole face!

Reviva eye serum and primer

#6 Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum

This is the latest product I’ve tested out…and I LOVE IT!  It makes me think of when my plants start to droop…I water them and before I know it they are all perky and green again…that’s what Mad Hippie does to your skin!  It’s a great one for all skin types because it’s not oily or drying, and my skin absorbs it instantly!  I put it on before my face cream for an extra protection against…you guessed it…those darn fine lines.

Mad Hippie

#7 Derma e Very Clear Moisturizer 

Unfortunately for me I still sometimes have to combat blemishes.  This product is one I’ve been using for a very long time!  It’s amazing.  In fact the whole line is…It’s actually what made my skin normal again.  There was a time when I looked like I should be in a proactive commercial, but I wanted to rid my skin of all it’s problems naturally.  This product is what did it for me.  It didn’t happen overnight.  I stuck with it for about 6 months, and that’s what did it.  I can only speak for myself, and no one is paying me to say this, but for me this stuff gets an A++.  I now have been able to use just the lotion, and it usually keeps my oil and blemish problems at bay.  To top it off, this company runs on wind energy which I think is super cool.

Dermae Very Clear

#8 Derma e BB Cream

Another great one from Derma e!  This is my second bottle, and I’m sure there will be many more purchases of it in the future.  Here’s why… First of all, when they say it’s good for ll skin types, I believe they are right.  Having oily skin, it’s hard to find a liquid makeup product that you can wear, but this stuff is great.  You feel moisturized, but not oily!  And that extra moisture blends well around my eyes without putting so much attention on fine lines.  And the fact that it’s moisturizing tells me it would be good for dry skin as well.  It comes in light and dark I believe and although even the light looks dark out of the bottle, don’t get scared…it will adjust to your tone.  I’m on the fair side, so don’t fret.  If you are a BB cream lover, this is definitely one to try.

Dermae BB

#9 Andalou Naturals Argan and Omega Natural Glow 3 in 1 Treatment

This product says it can be used on your face for brightening, your cuticles, and rubbed into your split ends in your hair.  I’ve tried them all, and my favorite thing to use it on is my split ends.  For the first time in a long time, I have long hair!  I am loving it so much, I have put off cutting it FOREVER!  So needless to say, I do have a split end or two.  This stuff seems to be my saving grace right now so I definitely give it kudos for that.  And I believe it would be a wonderful face treatment for all of you dry skin beauties out there!

Andelou 3 in 1

And our final product to share with you is…

#10 Andalou Naturals Aloe Mint Body Lotion

This is a wonderful all over skincare body lotion!  It has a revitalizing feeling because of the mint, and smells amazing.  Andalou used fruit stem cells in their products which are amazing for your skin.  I always remember my grandma putting on lotion everywhere after a shower when I was a kid, and telling me how important it was to take care of yourself and more specifically your skin. When I put this on I think of her, and this product in particular reminds me of how right she was.  Take 5 minutes out of your day and apply it, your skin will thank you for it.  Would also make a great gift this Christmas since the peppermint is reminiscent of candy canes.  🙂

Andelou Body Lotion

Thanks for following along today pearlies!  Hope you’re enjoying our beauty week!


Chrissy and MiMi

Today’s Featured Companies: Thayers/ Reviva Labs/ Mad Hippie/ Derma e/ Andalou


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