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Pearls of Wisdom~ DIY Fall Flower Crown

Morning pearlies!

So you are probably all aware that flower crowns are all the rage in the wedding world and beyond nowadays.  But you may not know that they are fairly simple and inexpensive (if you hit the right sales) to make.  So we decided to make and share our own tutorial with you this morning.  As I myself (Chrissy), always say, I am a boho girl, so this is something I would probably wear to the grocery store.  LOL!  Ok maybe it’s a little over the top for the grocery store, but maybe a thanksgiving gathering or celebration?  And if you are a little timid with your fashion choices most days, but don’t mind a little experimentation for special occasions, this may be something to consider for your bridal headpiece or next maternity shoot.  After all, those days are all about you.  Why not adorn yourself to stand out?!

Here’s how…


*Fall Flower Bouquet

*Grapevine Wire



*Glue Gun



First unravel about 32 inches of grapevine wire and fold in half.  Take the two ends and twist to close the opening, and twist a small circle or opening at the end to put your ribbon through.


Next, cut a long piece of ribbon and put it through the hole you made from the above steps. Thread the ribbon through, and when it’s half way through tie a knot so it looks as though you have 2 streamers of ribbon coming down.


Now you are going to make twists and holes all the way down your wire to give your base a braided feel and end with another hole to add more ribbon through.


Repeat the ribbon threading and tying steps from above and voila!  You have your base!


Next cut a decent size oval shape from your felt.  This is what you will glue your flowers to. Then use that as a pattern to cut an oval about a half inch bigger.  This will be your crown “backing”.


Next, take the fall bouquet and pick, tear, and cut all the flowers and foliage you want to use for your arrangement.


From there, just start glueing everything to the felt piece.  Make sure you use heavy amounts of hot glue and wait to make sure the flowers, leaves etc. are dry and firmly attached before adding more…


When you have everything glued and looking the way you want, flip it over and put a heavy amount of glue on the back of what you’ve done.


Press the side of your crown base into the glue firmly.  Hold and let dry it throughly.


Now glue the backing felt piece…again, lots of glue.


Press down over the back of your crown for extra security, and let dry.


You are now done with your amazing asymmetrical fall flower crown.


Now go be a princess… you sassy, sexy beast.


We hope you will go make yourself a beautiful crown from this tutorial, and strut yourself around the aisle, around town, or yes…maybe even the grocery store.



Chrissy and MiMi

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