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Pearls of Wisdom~ Quick Yet Thoughtful DIY Gifts For Your Maids…And Other Girlie Friends

Good morning you guys!  Keeping in the Christmas Spirit of giving, today I wanted to share some easy gift ideas for all your besties out there.  Today’s world can get a little crazy from time to time, so I wanted to share some ideas that are very thoughtful yet easy.  After all, time is of the essence when it comes to this time of year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do special things for the women in our world!  So with all of that said, here’s some gift ideas for them…and they are sure to like one or more of them, no matter what type of human they are.  🙂

Gift Idea 1~ DIY Bookmarks: This gift is great for the avid readers in your life.


*Cardstock (Mine was pre-cut into a bookmark shape already and found at Michaels)


*Mod Podge



*Hole Punch




Easy Peasy… 1) Just trace the bookmark over words or pictures in the magazine that stand out to you (I used headlines and brands…perfect for a fashionista friend), and cut them out to fit the bookmark size. 2)Then brush the cardstock bookmark with Mod Podge…being careful to get it all covered (Including the edges), 3) Place the design on top of the bookmark, press down and remove air bubbles, and let dry about 5 minutes, 4) Punch a hole in the top, 5) Pull ribbon or trim through the hole and tie a knot. (I ended up using leather, and loved the result)

That’s it!

Now wrap them up and put them under your tree and pine for the day your bestie gets to open it!  This would be an awesome gift to give with a book if your pocketbook permits, but definitely not required to create a big smile from your loved one!


Gift Idea 2~ Natural Makeup Setting Spray: Perfect for the Beauty Supply Obsessed.


*Distilled Water

*Vegetable Glycerine

*Spray Bottle


*Pretty Printed Out Label



Just Take your spray bottle, fill it up a quarter of the way full with the glycerine and the rest of the way with distilled water.  Leave a bit of room in the top for shaking…and then give it a good shake!  Tape on a pretty label (I made mine on my computer), and that’s it!

This stuff rocks!  I can say it personally because I use it every time I put on makeup.  It’s a great primer as well as a setting spray.  Keeps my makeup on longer, and is also really great for your skin.  I actually spray it on my hands and pat it gently on instead of spraying it on directly.  Just a helpful hint.  🙂


Gift Idea 3~ All Natural Body Spray: A great gift for all…just a matter of finding a scent you know they will love!


*Distilled Water

*Witch Hazel

*Essential Oil of your choice


*Pretty Printed LabelBS1BS2


Fill bottle about 3/4 full with distilled water, fill about 1/4 with witch hazel (again making sure you leave some shaking room).  Then drop essential oil of your choice in the top…This was a 4oz. bottle and I used about 30 drops for it.  I used Heartsong, by Aura Cacia which is a beautiful blend, but you can use whatever you like…the sky is the limit!  …Give it a good shake and done!  You will want to tell your gift receiver that they should shake it before each use for best results.


And that’s it pearlies!  We hope you enjoyed this info, and please let us know what you try out, and of course how you or your ladies liked them!


Chrissy and MiMi

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