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Chrissy & MiMi’s Favorite Things/Gift Ideas

Hello Pearlies! We love, love, love this time of year.  It’s a time for giving and for holiday cheer.  We are starting out the week talking about some of our very favorite things! Things we love to give to our friends and family.  And some we hope to even get in our own stockings this year! 😉
We hope you enjoy and gather a little inspiration for your gift giving needs this year.
Chrissy’s Picks:

1. Ekobrew Elite Stainless Steel RefillableK Cups

-They save tons of money, they are “green” because you aren’t throwing away more packaging everyday, and they are safe to use as they are made out of steel vs. plastic…what’s not to love!
2. Yeti Colster
-Keeps your beer super cold, so your last drink tastes just like the first.  Good for cans or bottles alike!
3. Auric Blends Egyptian Goddess Perfumed Oil
-It’s like Heaven in a bottle…Not to strong, but definitely a beautiful and noticeable scent.  I love love love it!!!
4. Aura Cacia Essential Oils
-My favorite brand of oils by far.  They are a great and reputable company that knows their stuff!  The custom blends are strong and smell amazing, and they don’t overcharge their customers.  Bonus…there are always some sort of online sales going on.  Check the website regularly.
5. Himalayan Salt Lamps
– A natural ionizer and air cleaner, I own 5 of these babies!  They give off a beautiful amber light that can easily relax you.
MiMi’s Picks:
1. Mrs.Prindable’s Set of (10) Large Apples
-Traveling from house to house for a ton of holiday parties? Well now you have the perfect hostess gift.  Something she can share or keep for herself for later! Starting with 10 full-size Granny Smith apples, each freshly prepared confection is dipped in luscious caramel and covered in sweet toppings. Delicious and all individually wrapped.
2. Younique Lucrative Lip Gloss

-“You bring the attitude; Lucrative Lip Gloss brings the shine.”  This lip gloss is my new found love and must have for my makeup kit.  All my besties will be getting one in their stocking.

 lip gloss-all_2
3. Pier One Imports, Chenille Throw
-Give the gift of comfort!  Someone gave me one of these a few years ago and the whole family calls dibs on our favorite throw when we go to settle on the couch for the night.  A perfect gift to snuggle up with on the cold winter nights.
4. Crate and Barrel’s Slate Cheese Board and Knife Set
-Beautiful hand shaped natural slate boards.  Pair with a few wedges of cheese and you have a pretty awesome gift idea.
5. Um… Wine. Hello.
-What pairs with cheese?  Why, wine of course.  There are so many different kinds and each person has their own favs.  The possibilities are endless.  But, when you are giving this delightful gift, remember to wrap it with love.  I found this one at Pier One at a super reasonable price.
Merry Christmas and Happy Gift Giving!
Chrissy & MiMi

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