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The catch of a lifetime, Lake side engagement session

IMG_8173-2 We just love when the wedding couple puts their personality into their engagement shoots. This beautiful lake side engagement session is so unique and lovely. These two look super comfortable here and this outdoorsy vibe feels like home.

The photographer did a fantastic job capturing this couples love for one another while playing off of this gorgeous sunset. The lighting is out of this world and makes this already good looking couple seem almost angelic, leaving us wanting more. Outstanding job!

IMG_8185 IMG_8206 IMG_8232-2 IMG_8244 IMG_8250 IMG_8259 IMG_8262-2 IMG_8293 IMG_8298-2 IMG_8311 IMG_8319 IMG_8342 IMG_8356 IMG_8359-2

We just can’t get over that sunset. So lovely! Thanks for sharing with us, I’m pretty sure this one made the Pearlies swoon!


Chrissy & MiMi

Photography by : J. Piotrowicz Design

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