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Fast and Easy Christmas Dinner Table

Hey Pearlies!  Christmas is almost upon us and I know that this can be a stressful time for many of us.  We will be having dinner guests, and overnight guests and family parties to run to. Christmas shopping done?  Not!  On top of that many of our readers are still planning their weddings.  Talk about stress… Ugh!

I actually got this idea from my bestie and co-blogger Chrissy.  Her and her dashing beau have a very busy family life and find it difficult to be able to sit down for a romantic meal together.  This happens so often to engaged, newlywed and married veterans alike.  So, they MADE time, and we must all take a lesson from this.  They couldn’t get out but they put the kids to bed early and they had a beautiful, romantic candlelit dinner in their own dinning room.  It was perfect!

Here are a few tips from PPB to help set a super easy and festive table for your dinner guests or for just you and your special someone.  No stress here.  Most of this was in my basement already or can be easily purchased from your local bargain store.

I love shopping after the season.  I find so many amazing things for under $10!  Take a plain craft store wreath, put in the center of your table and decorate to your liking.  I used some glitter ornaments and berries. Then I added tons of candlelight. Set your table and turn the lights down low. I used my favorite gold chargers and white china.  Candlelight really sets the mood, and I honestly don’t think anyone would even notice if you used paper plates.  Remember this when planning your wedding decor!  Candlelight is everything… and it’s gorgeous.

IMG_5086_Fotor   IMG_5097_Fotor

I added some pine cone decor to keep it festive and cut out our initials on some card-stock with my Cricut Cutting Machine.  The red candlesticks were from a high end store in the Valentine’s Day decor, of course, after season.  I got them for about 75% off, 10 years ago!  It was time to bring them back to life.  The red mason jar candle holders were a bargain store find that I bought for 50% off in the fall decor.  They were about $1.50 each and so pretty.


Instead of or in addition to you can add your guests name to these mason jar drinking glasses. Again, this was an after season find for about $2 each!  I cut vinyl letters on my Cricut to personalize it.  If you don’t have a cutting machine, you can buy inexpensive stencils and paint initials of your guests on the glass.  This will double as a favor for them to take home.


So, there you have it! I hope you all like it.  Super easy, inexpensive and can be very romantic and relaxing.  Especially when there are so many stresses in our every day lives. Enjoy!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Chrissy & MiMi

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