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NYE Tradition for a New Husband and Wife ~ DIY Thankful Jar

Morning Pearlies!

We hope you have been enjoying the Christmas Season.  It’s such a magical time, and we just love it!  We can’t help to remember though, that soon after is a whole new year to look forward to with your man and then family… So today I wanted to share an awesome idea or tradition you can start as a newly married couple.  The Thankful Jar.  🙂  It’s basically an empty jar you fill with things you think are awesome that happened during the year.  It could be anything… Maybe you finally got out together after a long work week and it was one of the best nights ever, or maybe he sent you flowers for no reason and it made you feel extra special, or maybe you both laughed yourself to sleep?  Whatever the occasion that sticks out in your mind…write it down.  Then you will just stick it in the jar and forget about it.

This is a project that can be started anytime, but it would be great to start on New Year’s Eve or Day, as you will open it the same day you started it the following year…share a bottle of wine and read all of the moments throughout the year that stood out to you and you were so thankful for.  Pretty cool right?  What’s also great, is that it can be done every year and is an awesome thing to include the kiddies on when you start your family as well.

thankful jar 5thankful jar 4thankful jar3Thankful Jar1

We hope you love this idea as much as we do pearlies!  Let us know next year how it all played out for you…Cheers!


Chrissy and MiMi

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  1. This is such a cute and simple idea! It’s so important for partners to take the time to note those special moments together. I started a similar idea for this year where my husband and I are taking not of our accomplishments for 2016 – it’s fun to look back on the year with someone to share your memories! Beautiful.


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