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Pearls of Wisdom~ Awesomely Easy NYE Headpiece!

Hey Hey Pearlies!  So I wanted to share with you maybe the EASIEST headpiece you’ll ever make.  This one would be perfect for a little urban glam look for NYE…I made it with one of my necklaces, so it’s pretty unlikely you’ll have one that’s exactly the same, but no matter!  You just use whatever kind you like or find one similar.  A gold chain look is at least something pretty common.  Anyhoo…here goes!  Enjoy!


Materials Needed:

*A necklace of your choice

*Matching Ribbon


*Jewelry Pliers


First use your pliers to take off both the clasp and the clasp chain from the other side.


Then you should have a piece that looks the same at both ends.  🙂


Then measure out a 20″ piece of ribbon and cut it.


Then measure out another piece of ribbon against it and cut it also.  So you should end up with 2 equally measured pieces of ribbon.


Thread the ribbon through the last link of the chain until it’s half way through and tie a knot.  Repeat this on the other side with your other piece of ribbon.


And voila!  A beautiful chic headpiece to ring the new year in with!


Now go shimmy and shine around town you urban goddess you!


Warning:  Woman will be sad they do not look as stinking’ cute as you do.  Just smile and go on with your night.  It’s not your fault you’re so dang awesome.

Hope you enjoy your festivities pearlies!  Stay safe out there…


Chrissy and MiMi

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