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What’s the Plan Stan? … A Much Needed Break and The Future of PPB

Hey Pearlies!

We wanted to take a quick moment to let you know what’s happening over here.  Rather than leave you all in the dark for the next month when you don’t see any posts…we want to stick to our guns and keep the promise we made with you from the start…to be honest of our behind the scenes shenanigans.  🙂

So we are taking a month long break.  This is partly because we need the rest, and the time with family…seriously we really do.  Blogging is super time consuming and a total commitment.  Don’t get us wrong, we knew this coming into it, but sometimes it can be overwhelming juggling it with wifing, mothering, and oh yeah owning our own businesses. So yeah, we are going to take a moment, breath, and love on our fams.

The other reason for the break is to get our queue in order and keep offering you AMAZING content that inspires you…our beautiful readers.  That is most important.  We want you to see the beauty and excellence in Every. Single. Post.  No joke!  We want to make a great name for ourselves, and sometimes that does require a little time off to regroup and question ourselves and the direction we are going.  In the end, it’s going to benefit the blog and all of you that follow it!  But rest assured…WE AREN’T GOING ANYWHERE!  We just want to take our break and come back more awesome than ever!

The other thing is, we will be posting every other day.  We feel, again, this will help weed out mediocre material, and just offer the best weddings, engagements, DIY’s, styled shoots, color palettes, vendors…whatever.  Still the same blog and feel…just better.  We know…hard to believe, right?!  LOL!  Trust me, we are so, so, so thankful for all of the talent that we’ve been so blessed to feature here…we aren’t taking ANYTHING away from that, but we have also made many exceptions…ie…let photographers keep their water marks on images, showcased vendors without professional photography etc.  Not a huge deal, but in the end, not the excellence we are going for either.  We hope this is making sense.

I think that’s about it pearlies!  We will miss you and can’t wait to come back and show you some serious pretty.  Happy Holidays, and Cheers to 2016!


See you all February 1st!


Chrissy and MiMi

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