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V-day Special Feature: Black White and Red all over Real Wedding~ Gus and Sharon


Hey hey pearlies!  We usually don’t post on Sunday’s, but in honor of  Valentine’s Day we thought we’d share a little red wedding inspiration!  This sweet wedding comes from Dana Lenckus Photography.  We really love her sharp clean photography style!  The sweet couple and their families look so amazing in their pops of red and black and we love all the littles they incorporated into the wedding party… can I just say…cutest flower girls ever!  You might think of an exclusive Valentine’s Day post being one of a big love story between husband and wife, and although you can definitely see the awesome sparks fly between Gus and Sharon, the “love story” I really fell in love with here is one of family.  Sharon has 4 daughters and 8 grandchildren, and Gus has taken each and every one of them into his heart as one of his own for the past 12 years.  There is just so much love between this awesome family…and it shows.

On top of that, we love when couples put a little bit of themselves into their day.  The bride and groom really made their marks with little details like  the Mickey and Minnie cake topper, a Harley Davidson wedding ring, and too cool for school sunglasses for the whole family.  We hope today’s special feature makes you smile.  I know I sure did. 🙂

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Chrissy and MiMi


Vendors: Photography- Dana Lenckus Photography/ Venue- DiNolfros / Bridal Gown- Bella Sposa Boutique/ Rings- Harley Davidson and Zales/ Cake- Naples/ Flowers- Flowers by J’LAINE/ DJ- Fantastic DJ


  1. erica weyer says

    Awwwww this was so beautifully written! this was my moms wedding and everything you said was so true we love one another so much. This was such a great day and Dana was wonderful capturing this special day!


  2. Thank you Erica! We just loved the story here and Dana was very excited that we wanted to make mention of the love your family shares and the part Gus has played in your lives. We were thrilled to do it. 🙂


    • Polly Hullinger says

      Little more to the story for all you out looking for love. My Mom got married at a young age and put all her heart into her marriage and family but unfortunately she wasn’t in a loving marriage that gave her everything her heart deserved. Gus happened to be a friend of ours first( her daughters ) and when he met my Mother he instantly Knew she was something special. After that thier love blossomed and so did our love for Gus. Not only has he given my Mother true love he she also given her four daughters and her many grandchildren more love and acceptance they you can possibly imagine. He truly bacame the missing piece to the puzzle to make our family complete and it is more than obvious that he feels the same way about us. I hope my Moms love story gives hope to all of those out there searching for love. No matter how young or old or what shape or size your family life is made up of there is love out there for us all. Always remember that love is what we all drive for in our hearts and what’s more important than than having love, family and laughter in your life. I guess in our family’s case the more the merrier. Love life, love big and always open your heart and embrace every moment life has to offer. Thank you for sharing my Mothers love story because it reminds even more to strive to embrace, love and cherish every moment we have together as a family. Family is what life is all about!


      • Thanks so much Polly!!! AND…this is exactly why we take the time to do what we do at PPB. We LOVE our families to no end and we know the importance of it first hand. This was such an amazing story already and you have added even more sweetness to it. May God bless you all! ❤ ❤ ❤


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