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Maui Real Wedding

Karma Hill Photography-01

What a stunning Maui Wedding on the blog today.  Pearlies, these photos are super swoon worthy, you will not want to miss out!  And there is also an interesting story behind all of this loveliness. Check out what the photographer has to say.

Last week we got a panicked call from someone needing a  Maui wedding photographer – the NEXT day. As you can imagine, most of our clients book us quite a while in advance, but this couple had a wedding emergency! One of their good friends from home, who is a professional photographer was set to shoot the wedding, but when a freak accident the day before the wedding left him injured, he was trying his very best to pull through but wanted to make sure to have someone there, just in case he got any worse.  I was happy I could step in and help out because it was such a joy working with this couple and their entire group! It just so happens they are from my home state and are alumni of the same college.  I feel like in a way, it was meant to be, not that I would want anyone to get hurt so I could photograph a wedding!! Luckily their friend got a little better and was able to attend and shoot in some capacity so he got more photographs of the groom getting ready and the reception as well as different angles and perspectives.  So in the end this couple will have some pretty amazing coverage from the both of us!  Mahalo Austin, Maddy, I am happy to have been a part of your Maui Wedding day and Logan I hope that you are feeling MUCH better!!
I am so glad everything worked out for this gorgeous couple.  The perfect dress, the perfect ring, the perfect day! And cheers to Karma Hill for saving the day.

Karma Hill Photography-02 Karma Hill Photography-03 Karma Hill Photography-04 Karma Hill Photography-06 Karma Hill Photography-07 Karma Hill Photography-08 Karma Hill Photography-09 Karma Hill Photography-11 Karma Hill Photography-12 Karma Hill Photography-13 Karma Hill Photography-16 Karma Hill Photography-19 Karma Hill Photography-20 Karma Hill Photography-21 Karma Hill Photography-23 Karma Hill Photography-24 Karma Hill Photography-26 Karma Hill Photography-27 Karma Hill Photography-28 Karma Hill Photography-29 Karma Hill Photography-31 Karma Hill Photography-32 Karma Hill Photography-33 Karma Hill Photography-34 Karma Hill Photography-35

The view is outstanding!  And the bouquets are something that I would have totally chosen for my own nuptials.  So pretty!

Karma Hill Photography-37 Karma Hill Photography-38 Karma Hill Photography-40 Karma Hill Photography-41 Karma Hill Photography-42 Karma Hill Photography-43 Karma Hill Photography-44 Karma Hill Photography-46 Karma Hill Photography-47 Karma Hill Photography-48 Karma Hill Photography-49 Karma Hill Photography-50 Karma Hill Photography-52 Karma Hill Photography-53 Karma Hill Photography-54 Karma Hill Photography-55 Karma Hill Photography-56 Karma Hill Photography-58 Karma Hill Photography-59 Karma Hill Photography-60 Karma Hill Photography-62 Karma Hill Photography-63 Karma Hill Photography-64 Karma Hill Photography-70 Karma Hill Photography-71 Karma Hill Photography-72 Karma Hill Photography-74 Karma Hill Photography-75_Fotor_Collage Karma Hill Photography-75_Fotor_Collage2 Karma Hill Photography-75_Fotor_Collage3 Karma Hill Photography-86 Karma Hill Photography-95 Karma Hill Photography-98 Karma Hill Photography-102 Karma Hill Photography-118

Aloha Hawaii.  We will be dreaming of palm trees and warm weather for weeks to come.

Karma Hill Photography-119


Chrissy & MiMi

Vendors: Floral: Floral Designs Maui/Hair Design: Melissa Brook Hair & Makeup Maui/Musician: Erland Pahukoa/Officiant: Fred Torres/Ceremony Venue: Sheraton Maui Resort & Spa/Wedding Coordinator: Platinum Weddings & Events/Wedding Cake: Cake Fanatics Custom Cakes/Maui Wedding Photographer : Karma Hill Photography


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