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DIY Bridal Headband



Happy Monday Pearlies!  So this morning I wanted to re-run an oldy but goody DIY for you!  You may or may not remember this awesome post, but I thought with wedding season being here in full swing it was a great one to show again.  Working in a sector of weddings that is accessory based I know that brides often wait until the last minute for the little details such as headpieces, jewelry, etc… I also know by then there may not be a ton left in the budget for those things in some cases.  So here’s a little tutorial for all of you brides out there that may be going through exactly that and have a little crafty bone in your body.  Give this a try…You’ll have bragging rights for making your own headpiece or you can even try a colored lace and try your hand at making them as a bridesmaid gift idea.  The possibilities are endless.  Make it your own and put your stamp on the design!  Good luck!

Oh!… and let us know if you make one yourself!  We’d love to see it!


*Thin Silver Headband

*4 pre-cut small felt circles

*A beautiful piece of lace of your choice (Preferably one with a stiffer feel to it, so it doesn’t flop)

*Hot glue gun (and glue)


First you are going to find where you want your lace to start on your headband.  Since I knew I wanted my lace to lean more toward one side, I started about an inch from the end of my headband.


Second, put a dot of glue on that spot and press the end of your lace to it.


Next, repeat these steps down the entire length of the headband until you run out of lace.


Now you are going to put glue on one of your felt circles.


And finally, affix them to strategic places that won’t show heavily through the top of the lace. This just gives the lace an extra touch of staying power.


And you’re done!  You have a gorgeous headpiece and a little extra money in your pocket. Win!  Win!


Now put it on and go strut yourself down that aisle, you saucy minx!


We hope you enjoyed this tutorial!  We love sharing them with you…



Chrissy and MiMi

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