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PPB’s Favorite Things 2016 Plus Headpiece Giveaway Announced!

Hey hey Pearlies!  Well here we are…Christmas week!  It has all happened way too fast.  So fast actually that I’m STILL not quite done with my Christmas shopping…And I’m hoping that if some of you out there are in the same boat, you may find today’s post helpful for your last minute gift ideas.  Last year we had a pretty great list, and I feel this year is no exception.  There are probably a few similar items on the list because…well…I like what I like.  Don’t we all?

Anyhoo…I hope you enjoy.  Here’s my top 10 for 2016…

Aura Cacia Body Sprays.

Breathe in with no worries of toxins with Aura Cacia’s  mists all made with 100% pure and natural essential oils.  I cannot express enough how much I adore this company.  As a 13 year (and counting) user of essential oils…this is my go to place for them.  These sprays all smell so good, and I don’t have to worry about any yucky chemicals.  Some of them even have the refill recipe, so you can make another batch with the essential oils and distilled water you already have at home!  Love!  More on these here.


Handmade Soaps.

Handmade soaps are always a great gift!  Not only are they usually packaged pretty for you to enjoy visually, but they also smell great and can always be used!  There’s really nothing bad I can say here about them!  Get some at your local holiday markets and shop small or look into this vendor here…because I know her!  🙂


Himalayan Salt Lamps.

These might be my favorite thing ever!  I absolutely swear by these things for cleaner air at home and a little mood pick-me-up.  There’s a bunch of other amazing things they do…(learn more here), and at the end of the day, I have to say I’d probably just have at least one even id they didn’t do all that cool stuff just because they are so dang pretty.  But…since they do…I own 6.


French Press.

This is actually something new I got this year for our family…and once I did it, the first question that came to mind was, why the heck didn’t I do this years ago?!  Not only is the coffee amazing, it’s really no more work than any other coffee making…and guess what?  They’re cheap!  A win, win, win in my book….Find the one I bought here.




Men, women, kids…whatever!  This gift is good for all of the above, and again…super useful through these oh-so-bitter cold months.  One of my favorite trends this year is the blanket scarf.  Find this one here.



Diffuser Necklaces.

These are such a great idea for the nature girl in your life.  They are pretty, and can uplift your mood with that boost of essential oils!  There are all kinds of different choices online, but you can find this one here.



Room Diffuser.

This is really the same as above…the room version.  They are pretty and useful and mood lifting! And also, just as the necklace, there are all different kinds out there to choose from.  This is the one I own…Easy to use, clean, and won’t break the bank.  (**Note…if you have children, please do your research on what oils you should NOT diffuse.  There are many (popular) companies that claim you can diffuse ANYTHING.  This is mis-information plain and simple.  Some oils can cause seizures if your kids are prone to them, as well as breathing problems in children under 10.)



Essential Oils.

Oh essential oils…how I love thee.  lol!  Again, I gotta send you to Aura Cacia.  They have pretty much any plain oil you could want, and a few blend lines that will knock your socks off.  These oils are a great gift with or without a room diffuser….The uses for them are endless really.  Get these and more here.


(Free) Printed Art.

It’s free, It’s pretty.  I LOVE a good free printable and my house is full of them.  They are great because you can change them out easily, but if you find one as cute as this, why would you want to?  Find this one (and more) for the floral lover in your life here.



Blankets are a great gift for anyone on your list.  Last year I made my husband a 100% cotton throw, and just a few days ago he said: “Hey, do you know what my favorite Christmas present ever is?  This blanket.”  I laughed, but he really meant it!  I don’t really know someone who doesn’t love a good blanket.  These bad boys are mostly all natural wool with a little nylon to make it washable.  And the best part is they are on clearance right now.  So check them out here.


And that’s the round up here at PPB today you guys!  I hope you check some of this stuff out, and give, give, give!  ‘Tis the Season!

PS~  And drumroll please….Our Headpiece Giveaway Winner is Jamie Penrose!!!  Jamie please email PPB at to claim!

As always…Thanks for tuning in you guys!



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