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Pastel Meets Vibrance Real Wedding~ Michael and Julia


Good morning Pearlies!  I’m so excited about today’s post…All I can say is…pretty…pretty…pretty.  This real wedding is coming from Australia’s most prestigious university!  From the ladies to the fun sock to the decor.  There really is nothing but good to show here!  I hope you love the inspiration along with the highlights of the love story today!  Enjoy!

_e2a9273 _e2a9324 julia-michael-10-of-442 julia-michael-11-of-442 julia-michael-17-of-442 julia-michael-29-of-442 julia-michael-41-of-442 julia-michael-44-of-442 julia-michael-48-of-442 julia-michael-49-of-442 julia-michael-52-of-442 julia-michael-55-of-442 julia-michael-61-of-442 julia-michael-70-of-442 julia-michael-81-of-442 julia-michael-86-of-442 julia-michael-97-of-442 julia-michael-98-of-442 julia-michael-99-of-442 julia-michael-104-of-442 julia-michael-120-of-442

Michael and I met through mutual friends and had an instant connection, when we were 18 and 20. My family had just moved overseas after I’d finished high school, and I had just commenced at university. Feeling homesick for my mother’s wonderful Vietnamese cooking, I asked friends to join me at a local Vietnamese restaurant, and one of them brought her new friend, Michael. I was struck at first sight, and we were pretty much inseparable, in heart if not physically ever since. We spent 10 years courting, finishing our relative studies, and travelling, studying and working overseas, before moving in together and starting our lives together in Canberra nearby family and adopting our furbabies, Snowy the Japanese Spitz and Tintin the rescue kitten.

julia-michael-121-of-442 julia-michael-134-of-442 julia-michael-141-of-442 julia-michael-154-of-442 julia-michael-183-of-442 julia-michael-210-of-442 julia-michael-231-of-442

Michael proposed on April 1st 2015, which was a significant date; he proposed with his grandmother’s beautiful solitaire diamond engagement ring, which she had worn for the duration of her long marriage to Michael’s grandfather. April 1st was the date that Michael’s grandfather had proposed to his grandmother, and so Michael wanted to follow this tradition especially using that ring. He did add his own flair, however, having starting the day with various April fool’s jokes designed to trick (and simultaneously terrify) me. After a full morning of tricks and jokes (some involving fake spiders), he went to the cupboard to make me breakfast, and when he turned around from the cupboard, he got down on one knee, with the ring box and proposed to me. After I said yes (having checked it wasn’t a joke first), he then recreated our first date for the rest of the day, including a meal at the restaurant where we first met


julia-michael-242-of-442 julia-michael-245-of-442 julia-michael-260-of-442 julia-michael-262-of-442 julia-michael-267-of-442 julia-michael-271-of-442 julia-michael-294-of-442 julia-michael-308-of-442 julia-michael-341-of-442

I wanted an old fashioned gold glamour with romantic touches, with main colours of gold, and accents of creams, soft pinks and maroons. I once saw a wedding photoshoot set in a forest, with strong bold berry colours but accented with metallics. I was inspired by the bold colours and how beautiful they were alongside the metallics and so we developed the mix of creams, pinks and maroons to contrast leafy greens in the flowers, with a strong a gold base. I fell in love the champagne gold sequin fabrics and sought out the elegant bridesmaids gowns to bring the dream to life! I was also able to source matching gold sequin fabric overseas, and created all the table coverings to match.

julia-michael-344-of-442 julia-michael-345-of-442 julia-michael-347-of-442 julia-michael-350-of-442

Almost everything was DIY! We did the tablecloths, mirrored seating chart, table numbers, centerpieces, most stationery and boutonniere amongst other things!

julia-michael-352-of-442 julia-michael-404-of-442 julia-michael-419-of-442

Vendors: Dress:  Cristiano LucciMakeup: Shopgirl Beauty/ Hair: Leslie Henshaw / Stationery: Giant Invitations  Shoes:  Badgley Mishka / Accessories:  LOVEON Jewellery Bridesmaids Dresses: Jadore /Grooms Suit: Overseas tailor/ Photographer: Keepsake PhotographyCake: Traditional cake- Cake of Your Dreams Croquembouche: Croissandor/ Food: ANU House/ Flowers: Silk FloraCeremony Venue: St Christopher’s Cathedral, Canberra/ Reception Venue: ANU House/ Videographer: Say Hello to Forever DJ: Mr Michael Music  Live music: Jay Boats / Transport: Select Limousines

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